Revenge of the nerds

So after a week of craziness at work I sat down yesterday to catch up on the blog world. And you know what my mac was dead and apparently the charger is not working. Que immediate phone call to M (due to him being out of town).

M: Hi babe
Me: My computer is dead and the charger is not working.
M: Yea I know it stopped working this week (our animals have a "thing" for my mac power cords).
Me: And you didn't think to tell me, orrrr go get a new one?
M: Well you ordered one off the internet last time
Me: Did you think I could buy one off the internet with a dead computer?
M: Well ummm

Seriously do men use their brain?

So that is the side note as I am actually watching Easy A which is amazing pretty good. And while watching it all I can think of is Penn Badgley. Seriously when did I get a thing for the nerdy guy. The statistician at work, oh yeah. For someone who can name off different Star Wars ships or whatever other sci-fi stuff there is out there, dang you are a cutie.

 Well off to bed with my honey. Oh yeah 53 days, crazy, I actually at one point did not think I was the marrying kind. Now. 53 days out. Woop woop!