Nothing new nothing fun

Exactly my life. Work blows, yes I lived in it for a couple days, loving the lack of anything to do. Now I am bored out of my mind! Tomorrow I have another interview, this is number 3, but I am so done with this already. Not something I wanted to be doing at this point, and it just sucks, it is hard to get excited about possible opportunities when that is not something that I really want right now. So another interview tomorrow, I found out today that interview #2 wants me to come back in to interview with the owner and the staff that would be working for me, which is good news but then again uggghhhh, I just want it all to end.

This weekend, nothing exciting, I am going to try a new project for the house, still on the search for the perfect mirror for the hallway. Hopefully with the interview process my motivation is starting to come back, I need something to move me forward!

Nothing fun, nothing pretty today. Sorry dolls. Here is to moving forward with everything in life!



Sooo this is a little not out of the box but I think it is a little funny, yes yes I am totally biased but M has been on a take picture of the kids rampage.
Yep a small game of tug of war was going on last night.

I decided to give you guys a little preview of my beautiful wedding shoes.
Yep that's all you get, but they are beautiful and I cannot wait to wear them on our wedding day. The other shoes I will share once I wear them, they are pretty amazing too.

Off to bed!



So I figured out that I have not introduced anyone to Icarus (yes that was M's decision, he named him after his parachute). I guess I realized to because he is being so sweet since we chopped off his balls yesterday (and yes I said that because it is more fun to say than the appropriate terms). So here are some great pictures that I love for you cat lovers.
This is Ick (his nick-name) just when he got to us, barely 2 lbs and tiny.

 After we introduced Chloe and Icarus. The are pretty much best friends now and of course when one wants to play the other, not so much.

And here is Icarus, tonight, just wanting love from me as I drink wine and watch the Real Housewives. M is out in the city so Ick is hanging with the girls.
That's about it, just thought I should probably show you all Ick since I have shown you all Chloe. Ahhh they are lovely, Chloe more so, but Icarus tonight.


Its all in the details

I bought my wedding shoes! They are beautiful and fun and of course Louboutin. Here is a picture.
Yep, and that is all you get to see.  I am keeping these babies under wrap. The yellow box, a new pair of Fendis, ohhhhh so beautiful and super sale from Barneys! Stay tuned for those in the future. Tooddddelssss. I am out of here. How is that for a day? 9-3 with a 2 hour break. Yeah that's how nice/depressing it is around here these days (I am the only one here).


California Girl

Seriously I love this song right now.  Oh and I REALLY heart being a California girl.


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! For me it was oh so lovely. Saturday was a pretty low key day, dog park, church and then to my parents to prepare for father's day. It was a fun low key night, with ice cream sundaes done up just like we used to. I would say somewhere along the lines of the deliciousness except times ten (when it comes to my family our serving size for ice cream has us go through about a gallon of it).
(image from google image)

On Sunday my sisters and I took my Dad down the Russian River like this:
(image from sfgate.com)

Pictures that we took to come... talk about a back work out. Between my shoulder blades are KILLING me. I am so sore but we had a great time. My Dad had a blast next time I will probably bring Chloe with us (not this time since I was not sure how she would react and is not "properly" trained yet. After the river we headed back to my parents for a good steak dinner and banana pudding. Such a good day. Now on to what will be another looooonnnnggg week. Happy Monday!


Is it Friday yet?

Ok so I am soooo ready for the weekend. As I sit here at my desk I am watching Tuesdays episode of The Hills. Why? Because I am so bored I want to scratch my eyes out. Yes, I really shouldn't complain but it has been like this for two weeks now, my day is never ending. My check book is balanced, calendar is updated and every single blog has been read ) probably every blog in the universe too). So how do I get something written on my blog, well considering how boring my life is right now, I haven't the faintest idea.

Well here is a little more wedding crap. I seriously cannot make up my mind when it comes to dresses for my sisters. Purple is our wedding color, a bright purple, something along the lines of this (from pantone.com):
The only problem is I think dresses is in this color is a bit much for my liking. So I have been looking at a grey (not heather grey) and thinking having them where a cardigan in the purple would be a lot of fun. Then I moved on to navy blue for the dress with the purple cardigan on top. One thing for sure is I want it to be a sundress.

So my reasoning for giving you this whole long spiel is because I need help (M just says "whatever you want" no not whatever I want I need help!).  So what are your thoughts. Here are 2 dresses I was looking at (the first is anntaylorloft.com and the second and third is anthropologie.com (in two different shades of blue).
I am also on the search for the color purple cardigan I would like, the closest I have found thus far was on oldnavy.com like this. My default is to go with a pashmina if I cannot ever find the purple just right since those are available in a million and one colors. So please help, let me know your thoughts.



I have been trying to think of decorating ideas and ideas for the direction I want our wedding to go but as of lately I have been feeling really just blah about it all. I see endless pictures that I love, but none have anything to do with the other, so as far as trying to see the direction that all these pictures that I like, it gets me nowhere. See that sentence is a bunch of mumbo jumbo too. I have no direction these days with where things are going, job selections seem little to none, I cannot put together how I want the house to look (not even a single room) and the weddings plans, not progressing. Well at least I have the Real Housewives of New Jersey, ahhhhh how "great" life can be.

I know, I know eventually everything will come together, but for now, my life is half complete. Just need to find the pieces to complete puzzle.


Interview Time

So tomorrow morning I have my first of what I am sure to be many interviews that I will have. As I noted here, my company is being acquired so I will be out of a job. So I need some interview clothes, I have not bought a new suit since 2004, yep it has been THAT long. The thing that is a little rough is that due to my field it is a very suit oriented interview, there is no expressing yourself with trying to change it up or do anything other than your standard suit and blouse.

So now it is finding something, and quick since it is tomorrow at 8 a.m. My first stop was of course Banana Republic to see if they had anything. Nope, nada, except for the summer cotton suits which for interview situation, not the best. JCrew, can't do, their pants are not a fit. So at lunch it is off to Saks, maybe Theory will have something that works. This sucks, I much rather be trying these on (all pictures from saks.com):
Oh CL you make my heart go pitter patter.

Dior do no wrong. Seriously the gold and the black together, delish.

I have been in love with Chloe wedges for awhile now, and yes this is where my dog's name came from.

I dream of YSL (all the time).

I have seriously had a hankering for a new pair of gorgeous/fun shoes for awhile now and yet the only pair I will allow myself to spend any significant amount of money on at this time is the pair I will wear on our wedding day. And yet, I cannot find something that I truly love/must have for that day so I refuse to settle and keep looking. I need a serious shoe fairy to pop up and point me to shoe heaven to find the perfect pair.

Starting this afternoon, M is out of town for a bachelor party and I get the house to myself. I have a few craft projects in mind that I want to get done and a barbecue for my cousin who is being deployed. Ahhhh a quiet house for all the girly t.v. I want.

The dog count for this week:
1. 2 hats
2. plant
3. electrical cord on the fan
Yep eaten all of that, lets just hope she keeps pooping. She has definitely turned into a little rascal.


BBQ and Country, What?!?!?

That's right, in the Bay Area, WHAT? And San Francisco none the less and San Francisco is about as non-country as you get but that is right the Zac Brown Band is coming to Fort Mason. See more information here: 95.7 the Wolf. So excited, now I just need to convince M that it is worth taking a day off from skydiving to go. I mean the city at the end of July should have excellent weather, BBQ, country music and I am sure alcohol. Country fans are the most party hard, well maybe not but at least everyone is there to have a good time.

So if you like country music check it out, and send some words of encouragement M's way since I need all the help I can get to help convince him that it will be wayyy more fun then skydiving.


My list

So most people have their "list" you know the if you had a chance to sleep with these famous people outside of your relationship it is totally acceptable list? Well my list goes like this (all images from google image):




Yep seriously I only have the one. Bradley Cooper. I look at him and I get tingly. I first saw him when he was the "bad guy" in "He's Just Not that In to You" and could not stop staring, seriously droolworthy. And when he showed up in my favorite movie ever (as noted here) I was in love. Seriously if I ever met him, I would probably act like a nervous teenager and become all weird. You better believe I will be watching the A-Team, shirtless buffed up Bradley, beware, I might need resuscitation.



Whoop whoop done for the week an just as I am getting ready to walk out the door I check my checking accoutrements balance to see what I have to spend at the Nordstrom Half Yearly. Well according to my bank I am in Ontario. Ontario, Canada! What?!? Yes now I get to start my weekend sans my debit card :(. I guess that is better for checkbook but sad for my closet.

Ughh sucks!

East Coast vs. West Coast

Ok so my favorite thing about the west coast (more specifically California and the Bay Area) is the weather. I LOVE San Francisco (and no we NEVER say Frisco) is the mild temperature and the fog, yep I love fog. So this morning when I got off bart and saw the weather I stopped for a minute.  Kinda needed to make sure I knew where I was, cause this is the weather:
Yep, it says 91% humidity. I came in and told my co-worker from Boston to take this weather back with him because I definitely feel like I am in Boston. 


Happy 1 year pre-versarry to me

One year from today I will be going to the chapel, and were gonna get married. I know this next year is going to fly by and all of a sudden I am going to be standing in front of a priest saying I do. Which for me a couple years ago was totally not even on my radar. But, M came along and swept me off my feet supplied me with enough booze and home brew to keep this girl passed out. Just kidding, I love my man and it is just nice that a nice cold beer awaits me when I get home. So with this being the year until date we need to step up and start getting some things checked off our list. One of the items our attire.

Anyone who knows me my our wedding is not about the dress, I have actually looked into maybe borrowing a dress or buying used because for me I don't really feel like putting money into it. Now shoes, that is a TOTALLY different story. Of course I want the red sole, and I also want them to scream, look at how hot we are (we being the pair). I will not be the bride looking for the "Oh you look so beautiful" comment, I want the "OMG your shoes!" comment. So the second we were engaged I did not start looking at dresses, I started with the shoes. So I have been on the search and have come across a couple. First it was this pair

The Lavender Poseidon at Barneys.com. Gorgeous by for $1200 but they were not perfect.

Then there were these, which definitely got a Holy Cow! when I saw them pop up on NeimanMarcus.com

Once I saw them in person they were a little less purple though and more magenta so I kind of gave up on those.

Now I have found these
I randomly came across these on this site: http://forum.purseblog.com/ and someone had posted them. These would be absolutely perfect and totally what I had in mind. The $1700 price tag though, not so much. Plus on top of it these were a spring shoe especially for the South Coast Plaza boutique, so this lizard is probably extinct. Hmmm I guess I could always e-mail the boutique just out of curiosity...


Fo' realz?

Seriously these two are ridiculous!!!!
Sorry just the ridiculousness of them makes me cringe. And yes I should probably boycott even mentioning their "break-up" because it is my belief that this is exactly what they want out of it but you two make me sick!

On a much lighter prettier note.
Isn't she a beauty? My baby Chloe.