Holiday season craziness

I mean really?

Tiger Woods car accident
USC UCLA almost fight on the field
White House Party Crashers
Seattle Officers shot
A man pays kids to spit on him

Just a few things but I dont know why do I feel like crazier things happen during the holidays?
Anyone else feel this way or is it me being crazy?

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


Thanksgiving Splendor

So this weekend was fantastic! Although while I was sitting at my desk on Friday (of course the exchange just has to be open the day after Thanksgiving), most of you were sleeping your hangover off or running around town for those Black Friday deals. Well let me tell you something I am almost done (pre-Thanksgiving) since I hate when I HAVE to shop after. My Mom will be my receiver over the next couple weeks while the orders start coming in, I love having a Mom who works from home so that I can just have everything shipped there.

Wednesday night started out at friends consuming delicious crab and more champagne then any of us girls anticipated. I think it was 4 girls to 5 bottles of champagne, we love our champagne/sparkling wine.  Needless to say Thursday morning was a little rough when I woke up, but it was not too hard to get moving around since I knew I would be stuffing myself silly that day.

Thanksgiving Day was spent at my parents with a lot less people this year than last but of course we still had to much to eat and plenty to drink. Turkey, cranberry, pumpkin rolls,, and a lot more but of course my favorites are the first to come to mind.

Saturday was some friends of ours Post-Thanksgiving Bash in which we consume a ton more food and more champagne. Some photos of the night.
We seriously refuse to stop playing games like flip cup and beirut since the day that comes I guess we are grown up. One day we will get there but today is not the day.

From drinking games we moved on to our favorite bar for some karaoke. This place is always a good time. We have been there to watch a cougar fall over spread eagle in a mini skirt spilling beer all over herself, the karaoke guy having a heart attack and taken away in an ambulance. There are people who really take it seriously and well we are not those people. 

We are not the best singers but we by far out sing the bar when you put us all up there.

My favorite of the entire night... all the boys up and singing New Kids on the Block.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Now on to the very full week ahead of us.


Happiest place on earth

So I do not know if I had told you guys that while I was down in Florida for my brother's wedding that we took an extra couple days for Disney World. I had never been and it has been 20 years since I was last at Disneyland so it was kind of a kick to be there.  We did the 5 day pass with the park hopper (which was totally worth it). Military families hurry rush serious discount available through the end of the year.

Here we are at the start of our Day at Epcot.  Pretty sure the boys were 2 deep already, they were playing the beer in every country game.  Epcot was awesome, I wish we had more time in Florida so that we did not have to rush through.

Seriously how white can my legs get, the match my shorts.

 So my favorite "Country" was France, I mean really champagne in a theme park? My Dad and I doing what I do best, drinking bubbles. This was the first time I had Moet & Chandon Imperial, it was delicious. Loved it, way outdoes the White Star. While in France we not only had Champagne/wine/beer we also grabbed pastries from the Cafe and sat down and enjoyed ourselves for awhile. After France guess where my Dad ended up. Well not really but he sped ahead of us at some point and we found him here.

We continued the day and made it through the rest of the countries. Of course we stopped off in the homeland, Norway. Marcel thought that he would "fight off" the troll and save me, while I was obviously just chillen with him. We of course rode all the rides we could get on, Splash Mountain, Aerosmith, Tower of Terror, Pirates of the Carribean. Love the fast passes!

Me goofing around when we didn't have them. I seriously have the worst patience in the entire world. Thank goodness for my phone and games, although M was not to happy about that but hey its that or a very unhappy Kirsten and that is just not good for anyone.

Well that pretty much was the trip. We had an amazing time and so glad I made the visit to Disney World.  Probably will not be back until I have kids one day, and they will be at a walking age because I am not going to play bumper cars with the rest of the strollers (thousands upon millions) and the all the adults in their powered wheel chairs (probably the same amount of strollers).

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel



Ok so I have to say that Fergielicious is not my favorite person but the girl has the shoe closet I want. Did anyone watch the AMAs.  Her OTK Louboutins? Girl has a shoe closet to die for. I am going to have to do some searching for examples but first seriously I would give my right arm (since if I gave away a foot then I could not wear the shoes very easily).

Oh and just a short note, I guess Taylor Swift had to be in London so that she would not be interrupted. Yep I went there.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


I hate when that happens

So M is off tonight to fly back home for his Grandfathers funeral. And I found out last night that my sisters high school love's brother committed suicide on Tuesday (one day after his first nephew was born). Seriously this is how my holidays are beginning?!

Let me take this back to a year ago.  Thanksgiving Day 2008. So my family LOVES Thanksgiving (I mean who wouldn't all we do is eat and drink wine). My "Pa" was not his normal self, pretty much slept the entire time he was there, and I didn't see him smile at all. We all knew he would be going in for heart surgery in a week and a half to replace a valve that had been replaced about 10 years ago (apprently pigs valves are only good for so long), so we were all ready for that. Well what we didn't know and found out after the surgery was that another valve was seriously damaged and that one had to be replaced as well, his heart was working at about 30%. Why had the doctors not know this before? If it was that bad how did they not know!?!

A couple weeks later on December 26th 2008 my Pa passed.

So as we enter into this holiday season with another loss it seems such a short amount of time ago we were doing this last year, and I cannot help but think that my favorite time of year is starting to have a huge downside to it all.

To all our Grandpa's who look down at us we love you and you will forever be in our hearts.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


Yoga and champagne?

Do the two go together? Well I guess I will find out tonight because tonight the girls and I are headed here:

They are having a "Grand Opening" Event tonight and on their flier is pictures of wine and champagne glasses, yes please! Question though why is the "Grand Opening" always way after the opening, I think we went over a month ago to check out a class, I mean really?

Anywho I am not much one for yoga since I tend to get bored VERY easily, yes I breathe frequently but no I do not need to sit there for an hour and focus on my breathing thank you. It just happens on its own (thank god). But food and drinks with the girls, sign me up. Plus after we might be headed out for another drink (or four) to celebrate an engagement! I think this is the last one from our group, although I am pretty sure their wedding will happen before ours, because this girl is just too busy right now to deal with wedding planning/budgeting.

As I read Mayra's post today it got me thinking about girlfriends and forever friends and thus far I do not have any forever girlfriends, guy friends yes, girls nope. I have had a set of girls for each stage of my life that has come and gone but our lives have taken us separate ways and we have parted.

Over the last year I have been lucky enough to find a group of girls that I can call friends.  They may never be best friends but they are great people to hang out with, low key, and low and behold no drama.  Maybe the low drama is because we are all so different, it would be like comparing Louboutins to Converse or Nine West and Asics.  We are all so different but we each bring something great to the table.

Add these girls to my three best friends (two of which include my sisters), and I finally feel as if I have a right balance in my life. I may never be a girls girl but I am content with the different shoes in my closet.
"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


37? Seriously

So I am getting dressed this morning and M comes in from his car and says "It's freezing outside". Me being the kind caring person I am immediatly grab my phone to prove to him that he is just being a big baby. I open up my handy little ap and across the top where they show the picture is snow. Say what?!? and the temperature reads 37 degrees. Don't get me wrong I love it like this (cold but with the sun shining), but really in the Bay Area? Welcome winter (said with wide open arms), t minus 10 days until Thanksgiving.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


My new sister

So as you all know I was off in the south this past week for my big brothers wedding. It was beautiful, and so much fun was to be had. Here is my brother and new sister taking their vows.

The weekend started off on the right foot, I pushed the button on the filing on Friday and off to the airport I went.  I met up with my sisters, their significant others and M at the airport and we headed to the bar for a beer while we waited, hit up the bar, check.

M and I got upgraded to first which was a fantastic way to fly a red eye, he drank and I slept like a baby in my nice big comfy chair. Saturday night we headed over the the rehearsal dinner which was beer and wings, delicious.

Sunday was wedding day, I love weddings that I get to go to and do not have to be part of, I get to thoroughly enjoy them.  The sisters and I at cocktail hour. Yes I am the shortest, but the photo is also crooked, (I think this was after M has a couple drinks). I love that I have them and that they are my best friends.  This of course after years of wanting to strangle them and somehow make them disappear.

We are next next.  Not next since the middle sister is next, but next next.  To wrap up the night we of course watched the cake cutting and danced the rest of the night away.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

I'm back!

M and I got back late last night from FL. We had a awesome time, so busy the entire time we were there. Now it is back to reality where I can get back to all my favorite bloggers. Pictures and details to come, and I now have a third sister!

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


Leaving on a jet plane

Ahhh so I pushed the button today and sent my little friend (or more like my life draining enemy) off to the SEC, done and done.

Now I am of the FL to see my big brother get married. So excited for a little escape from reality. See you all when I get back! Have a great weekend.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


Number 27 baby! and I could not be more excited!!!!!

Once again! We brought it back home again, seriously the week just turned around. I am sooooo excited. Another one to Mo's belt, BEST closer EVER! So so so sosososososososo excited, wish work was not so crazy that I do not have the time to celebrate. 

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

Photo sfgate.com


Gonna drop bows

By the way I just found this in my drafts from last Thursday night.  All I got was the title but it is the perfect explanation from last Thursday. One of those nights but oh so fun.


Hey dolls sorry I have been MIA work has been way crazy, and M was home for a short time last week (back from China and now in Canada) so I have been a little busy.  I will probably will not be back to my normal blogging self until next week. We have our filing on Thursday and Friday I am off to Orlando for my big brothers wedding! Yea I am so excited for a mini vacation, will be back next Wednesday and I will have a life again!   So until then I will comment when I can, but I still love all of you the same, and I will be back and better than ever!

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel