Not so neverland

So I have been missing, well there have been many things going on, bachlorette weekend, housewarming party prep, Chloe finally acting like a puppy. We have been so crazy busy with things trying to get all the little things done for the housewarming party that our poor pup has been feeling a bit neglected and the cat thinking he is king of all things (oh yeah we got a cat too, one who has spent the last couple weeks hopping around the house). I wish I was still in Neverland Peter, the adultland is draining my fun.

So the biggest project of all? Our new patio table. Seriously this is what I have been working on for the past week and a half (that and studying for the CPA exam, well sort of). We are super proud of it. Of course I was the starter of the project but I had to have M's help on the finishing end in order to help assemble it. The next project on hand is the bench and chairs to go with it. We will get there at some point.
We made this with the help of a fabulous website by Ana White.
Knock-Off Wood

The next thing that was taken care of was the guest bathroom mirror.
Seriously this was the mirror that we moved in to. I hated it, despised it. So since the move in date I have been looking for something to replace it with. Finally while strolling through Home Depot I found something that can work with the current bathroom.
So much better, and you can actually see yourself in the mirror previously I swear all you could see was your eyes so this is a HUGE improvement. Still not my ideal but it will definitely do until we can afford to have the bathroom itself redone. 

So these are some of the things that I have been doing over the past couple weeks. Oh and now it is on to redoing my resume, since its time that I have to find a new job, the first person (post acquisition announcement) has announced their departure. Sad and I hate it but I guess it is time. So time to update and get my name out there!



Ebates really works!

So a very long time ago I talked about ebates.com. well I got home yesterday and I had my check in the mail! Yeah it was awhile ago but hey I have no problem waiting if I am going to get some cash back! No that I know it works I am for sure going to use it more often, bad thing is that I cannot get to the website at work anymore. Hopefully the next job I will be able to!


The sweet smell of coffee

Seriously just give me an IV full of it! This morning I had to be up at 3 a.m. just to file our quarterly report.  Shit hit the fan on Friday and needless to say I was making calls and editing the report at 10 p.m. last night and up earlllyyyy this morning to make sure it hit the wire. It is my last filing with the company though because of the acquisition :(

In other news now I will have some time and will be in full wedding planning phase trying to get stuff checked off. Chloe gets her last vaccinations and spayed on Wednesday so I get some time at home with her on Thursday and Friday. so excited to take some time at home! I cannot wait for my 4 day weekend! Oh and pictures came from my little sisters wedding. Love this picture, minus the gargantuan swimmer arms that are showing in the picture.

It really did turn our beautifully. Love you seester.

Here's to a short week full of just wrap up!


Just passing the time..

Well hellooo there! The title today somewhat rings true. Since I found out last week that my company was being acquired I have been counting the days until we file our 10-Q this week because after that, its a tad downhill. Even though there has been no formal announcement about my departments jobs, being the non revenue making group we are it is pretty much guaranteed that we will be out of jobs. The whole thing hit me pretty hard and I think I am still trying to let it sink in. Hey what can I say, I like my co-workers and we have a good time with one another.

On the bright side of it all, a friend of mine got laid off last week (well that isn't the bright side part) but our "pity-party" Friday night was. M fired up the grill and I popped open the champagne (of the red label of sorts of course). It took me a little while to get out of bed on Saturday but once I did all hell broke loose in our front yard. Weeds beware, I am after you! I cannot wait until I finally get it in good shape (hopefully in time for the housewarming party). My neighbors confirmed what M and I thought, the previous owners only mowed the lawn for the past 5 years, anything else, forget it.

As the weekend continued into Sunday we headed out to Clayton (remember my love for their Oktobeerfest?) for their Art and Wine Festival where we had absolutely gorgeous weather, 83 to be exact. We spent the day outside and then headed home to grill up some food with my sisters. I seriously love having a home and having a fiance who loves hosting as much as I do. This is what our home is for, us and all our loved ones. I am off to catch some zzz's. 

Here is to a brighter tomorrow...