The boys are back

Along the same line of great weather. Tomorrow is Opening Day. Here is to a great season boys.

Swamped in

Not sure if work is ever going to let up. M is even noticing the difference in my attitude when I get home. It is taking me longer to relax and I am pretty sure that any chipper attitude I might of had during the week has not been seen. All in my head these days is SOP 97-2, FAS123R or SOP 98-1. Seriously what? At least I have this goofball to come home to and never fails to make me laugh.
On a brighter note we had 80 degree weather today. 80! How do we go from my backyard flooded a week ago to 80?!? So as it hits 7:30 pm I am chilling on the patio with a beer in hand. This is the life. Hopefully everyone else has as great of weather!

Here's to the week being over halfway done!


Has anyone seen me.

While reading my new Real Simple I can across the PERFECT bridal shower dress. Meet Perfect.
Courtesy of realsimple.com

Now on Real Simple said I could find it at Macys so of course my fingers immediately took me there. No such luck, on to BCBG's website, nada! Google my friend you don't fail, uggh. Has anyone seen this pretty out there? HELP! Thanks


All the single ladies

Yep, M is off to Mrs. B's hometown for his bachelor party this weekend. He called me when he touched down down in nola and he was a few drinks in already, with I am sure more than a few to go for tonight.  So what does that mean? Means girls weekend for me a Chloe (not including the cat, damn cat).

So not sure if anyone has caught the weather news when it comes to the Bay Area but it has been a little nuts.  Tonight I can home to this:
Seriously thank goodness I saw this mess before Chloe the little rascal saw it herself, because I know the second she did it would of been disastrous. By the way it does not look like the backyard is going to have any chance of drying up either. They said 2 more storms coming through. Ughhh I really hope the forecast for sunnier weather next week holds true!

If anything here is to a girly weekend sitting in front of the fire (well if I can call someone to start one for me) and watching the Lifetime Network. Stay dry!


He awaits

What seems like years ago, I discussed my pure obsession with Bradley Cooper. Of course it has gone no where, and since he has split from Renee, now is my chance. M and I have an agreement, this is my guy. If I have a chance with him I am jumping on it.  I mean come on!
Both images from google image.

Oh in other news, totally checked another item off my wish list from Christmas time. Next week two of these babies will be arriving at our house.
I LOVE the fact that M wants to get the house actually "up and going" since his family will be here for the wedding. Gives him a little room for justification of purchases, and bumps up the projects to actually get some done. The living room in FINALLY put back together after a month and a half. The next step would be to pick out the crown moulding and the new baseboards and put those in. Somehow I doubt that will be getting done anytime soon though.  Hey a girl can dream though can't she. . . Maybe I can at least hope for a painted bedroom?

I think the next item on my list is my deer head. . .


So not winning.

So since I started the new job my responsibilities have almost tripled (yes I started in December) how the hell can responsibilities triple in a matter of 3 months! Life sucks in regards to work right now. And that leave less time for blogging, I know right!??!

But I have a number of things keeping me busy outside of work as well.
A little bit of this:
Seriously, NEVER again. Wow just noticed the wall looks a little blue, totally grey.

Way to much of this:
Via google image

Which did lead to some wish list items (well really just one). 

Oh and of course cannot forget my new favorite beauties!
I love getting a new pair of shoes at 60% off!

Of course a lot of hanging out with this beautiful girl.
Yeah, she is filthy, but she has that glimmer in her eye like woooohooo! 

Been hanging out with her doing things like this:
Seriously, no better place to live! Bay Area!!!

So hopefully I will force myself to get back to blogging because honestly, I miss it. Miss catching up with everyone. So until next time, happy trails.