Through the thick of it

So anyone who thinks planning your wedding is absolutely amazballs, piss off. Don't get me wrong I have really enjoyed putting certain things together and thinking up other things but since I am doing a lot of the details myself I just get frustrated.

My type A, detail oriented accountant mind just gets annoyed and frustrated when things are not aligning perfectly or off centered just a tad.

Take the fan programs for instance, while putting the popsicle stick in the center, they do not all align at the same place. It is driving me nuts and makes me want to toss them all and start over. The beer bottle labels, not all are perfectly straight and all I want to do is say, nope now way, these are not being handed out.  Seriously, 99% of our guests will not take notice (the 1% being the people I gripe to about it so they will probably take notice, even though they still won't care), but yet in my head I think no way, no how do I want this to show who I am.  Because well it's not, but who has the time to take to make sure all 100 beer labels are perfectly straight or the popsicle stick is in the complete center of the fan.

Seriously I have other things to worry about. Like the 4 people we have staying with us next week or the fact that I asked M to weed the backyard and he completely hacked away part of our landscaping. Yeah my boy has complete ADD and gets a little carried away. Uhhh here is to the next million years of my life.

Cheers, and thanks to the daily bottle of bubbles ;)


2 weeks

In two weeks I marry this guy:
my yankees loving
Adventure crazed
warm hearted
best friend.
Two weeks from today I will call you my husband and I will be your wife. You mean the world to regardless of anythinng. You make me strive to be happier, better me. Thank you for the past five years and here is to many many  more.


Bridal Shower

So my sister's planned an amazing bridal shower for me. Theme: Baseball, Yankee Baseball! Warning heavy picture post.

I wish I had more pictures of the decorations and stuff my sisters did a lovely job. Here is one though. The table was covered with bags of peanuts and the favors? Popcorn balls, such one of my favorites!
Yep here is me taking my jello shots. Blue Rasberry and vodka, not good at all. Actually quite terrible.
Serioulsy large bottle of bubbles and a glass that could probably hold it entire bottle (with my lovely bubble loving Aunt).

Ice Cream cake yeah!

 And one last little picture. My aunts and cousins hung out for awhile after and we started up the fire pit.  

Awesome day all around. Please sir may I have another. Thanks to my lovely sisters!


Head scratcher

Is anyone else more confused by the weather lately. Seriously I thought the phrase was April showers bring May flowers, not May showers.
(via weather.com)
Pretty sure this weather lies too because it was apparently not sunny at all this past Saturday. Myself, I wouldn't know, I spent the weekend in Vegas! Bachlorette style, minus the pink boas and sashes (I did submit to some simple beads) of course Mmmmm perfect 85 desert, so nice.

Met this guy this past weekend too. I then proceeded to tell him that he plays with Jay and I know that because my fiance was a huge Denver fan. My sister patted his ass as she drooled all over him. He was pretty cute but the designer jeans with the huge pockets on a guy is a huge turn-off for me.
I know I-Phone pictures are the best (please hurry up with the new one so I can FINALLY  upgrade from my 3G).

Speaking of Vegas the Hangover II comes out next weekend. Woop woop, you know where I will be.
(via google image)
Oh Bradley Cooper you so fine you so fine you blow my mind!
"When a mokey nibbles on a weenus its funny in any language"


In my teens

In a little more upbeat news this is what I found when I went to our registery today (yes I cheat who cares).
Yes seriously 17 days. Panic ensued yesterday, to much to do left and way to little of time. You better believe what me weekend is going to entail.

Strongest people I know

Last night we got a call from M's dad telling him that his grandfather was on life support and if things did not turn around within 24 hours he would be taken off (his wishes). Today things have turned around. His grandfathers latest stint in the hospital is courtesy of pneumonia and aspirated while eating. Today things are positive.

Last year M and I made an emergency trip back to Pennsylvania to visit his grandmother because things were not well, down to her pulling her feeding tube out because she viewed this as keeping her alive artificially.  Se has since seen the hospital numerous times but continues to make it home each time. The latest was last week which as M put it "they were making funeral arrangements" and once again she is resting at home.

These two people have more strength and desire to continue each day then I have ever seen. It amazes me and gives me a kick in the butt to shape up my life and know there MUST be something to look forward to daily.


Mother's Day

Mothers day was wonderful. My sisters took my mom and the pups to Fort Funston which is the most fantastic place for the dogs to run around (which hopefully they will not revoke!). We took a picnic lunch out and hung out for a low key afternoon. A couple shots of the day:
Chloe not positioned well for the camera considering she usually loves it!
There's my girl.

Such a great day, little sun on the face.  Happy Monday! Here is to a short week for me. Vegas Friday baby!!!!



Seriously we are under a month now until we get married. Work has finally slowed down but the wedding stuff has picked up. Monday night M and I bottled 100 bottles of beer (on the wall). I finally have the programs ready to print and  an assembled. Bridal shower down next weekend Vegas! Seriously it is all approaching so quickly, then it is off to Dominican Republic. CAN NOT wait.

Me and my sisters at the bridal shower, yes my face is red, I blame them I had to take jello shots. I mean seriously how was I supposed to remember Malone was the first place he made his first skydive. I mean really!?!? It was perfect, they baseball themed it and we ate sliders and garlic fries, beer, champagne, seriously a ton of my favorites, oh and ice cream cake! By the way I wish I were taller! They were in flats and I was in my typical 3". Here is to the next 30 days moving by and being on our honeymoon!


Sharing is caring

So some might think it is gross but at least it is a little entertaining.

So our "sweet and innocent" girl has a thing for her own ummm, waste. So tonight we resorted to covering it in red pepper. Well yea she ate it, ALL of it. So I wonder where this is going to lead, hopefully we will not have any other surprises for us in the morning as a result...