Hard knock life

This past week has been a rough one.  Last Monday we started out with the wedding location being sold, work was insanely crazy and I ended up sick over the weekend. Monday with the wedding planner/caterer went well and everything seems as if it is going to work out just wonderfully, that is until yesterday when we went to one of our counseling sessions with the church. It started out the same as the sessions we bring up topics that we have different view points and try to create a solution. Well needless to say it is a topic that we often do not see eye to eye and at the end of the session the counselor said something to us that made me doubt "us" and I have been thinking about it ever since.

So I put this out there, to those who are in forever relationships, how do you know? How do I get back to where I was knowing we would get through whatever after someone allows me to doubt us so much? Does this mean we should not be getting married?


Random. . .

Totally very random, kind of where my week has been. . . 

Monday started off just craptastically, after FINALLY calling the owner of the coldstone near the wedding venue to move things along I found out the just oh so wonderful news. Work has been crazy hectic. M Also found out Monday that he was headed to Montreal on Wednesday, returning Thursday.

Why are cats tongues rough while dogs are not - ADD kicking in there. Well more just Icarus trying to lick me. Kind of a funny picture right now with both the animal kids laying on top of me. I would take a picture except for the fact that would require getting up and then they would too.

I finally finished the bunting I have been in the process of making. And by process I mean almost everything except a long last stitch that has been waiting for me for 3 weeks.

ooh ooh my hair feather came today too! Want to take a wild guess at which one of these I went for? Or did I go totally different?

Alright off to bed, off to bed I said. Happy Friday east coasters, happy almost Friday west coasters! Thank goodness for three day weekends!


Another one of those weeks

Looks like February isn't going to be so kind to me.  Work is still busy as ever and yesterday I came across a little Valentines Day surprise:

Seriously, umm hello was someone going to tell me that our wedding venue was sold?!!! This was seriously how I found out.  I was speaking with the owner of the nearby ColdStone (yep ice cream sundae bar for our wedding - hopefully will still ring true) and needed to give them the address.  So I just mosey on over to the website to find that they sold everything. Immediately I called the contact to figure out what is going on, and they do not know many details until they speak with the new owners Monday. Here's to giving a little prayer that things will be able to stay the same (crossing fingers ever so tightly).

By the way M is amazing, I found out the info and immediately handed it over to him to deal with. He can handle it much better (i.e. calmly) and will probably even get some money back if all works out. I knew I was marrying him for a reason.



It is one of those weeks! One where I cannot seem to catch my breath as the days are just passing me by. Today was the first day I actually was able to step outside while the sun was up. The sun felt glorious, although it makes me a little sad that I will not be spending my time outside this weekend. This weekend M and I have out P.R.E.P weekend for the church, so we will be spending a glorious two days talking. Ughh not my strong suit. You can find lots of dirt under my carpets.

So here is to hoping for a great weekend with LOTS of quality time with the guy. And to the count down to next weekend of which there will be three amazing work free days. Hope to catch up soon!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep today is number 30! And actually we are minutes away from my actual birth time. So here is to hopefully not to hectic of a work day, and to lunch at the most awesome beer place known to woman.
Lots of this tonight during some relaxation time with a new Grey's.

Cheers, if you are looking for me hopefully I will be consuming a tasty beverage or two, as of right now that includes coffee.

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Something white this way comes

I am letting you guys in on a little secret, my wedding dress is on its way! I got an e-mail this morning that my dress is on its way. I cannot wait to see it, so excited.  Except of course it is on the way to my parents house so it will be a couple weeks before I can get out there to try it on.

So I called my Mom to let her know the dress is on its way (since it is going to my parent's house) and she told me some not great info. This little guy here:
...is not doing so well. This is my "nephew" Hercules and he had a seizure on Sunday and things according to his blood tests do not look good. His mom (my sister-in-law) has been sick for the past month or so is also having blood work done because they cannot figure out what is wrong with her. Dose after dose of antibiotics have done nothing. And to think today was going to be a good day...


Its my birth month!!!!!!!!!!

And I will take one of these please.
More specifically it is the week of my birthday! I have 2 days left of being in my twenties, so thirties Bring it On! But seriously I have definitely heard from people to enjoy the thirties because it was a favorite time of their life. So for the next decade of my life I would really like to accomplish some more things, including:
1. Travel more (starting with the honeymoon baby!)
2. Pass the CPA
3. Eat healthier (no really I need to cut back on the crap I eat)
4. Find a hobby that I truly love and am excited to do.

These are just a couple of items that I would love to make sure I accomplish (hey I have 10 years right). I am willingly saying goodbye to my twenties, I have had a TON of fun but that fun also dealt with uncertainty and uncomfortableness of life in general.
Friday M has put together a dinner party at our house with family and friends, which I am super excited about.  What I am not excited about it he decided to tear open our living room wall Sunday night. I know I know, I wanted all the TV wires not hanging from the TV, but why is this project being started when we are having people over?! Why do men decide to start a project just before you have people over?!?!

Well hopefully at least the wall will be put back together by Friday, because I am pretty sure it will not be painted at that point :( Aggghhh men!