I just might get a facebook now

Serioulsy Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.  Holy cow yes please.  But does this mean you have to actually buy like you do on Farmville.


Serious pains

Of the not shopping kind. I seriously think that I am having shopping withdrawals right now. I am desperate to spend some money. Maybe something along the lines of these:
Mr. Louboutin you can do no wrong.
Seriously purple suede, you had me at purple.
Both above via: net-a-porter.com

Yeah so what if they both are purple pumps, does not mean they are anything alike, suede and patent, totally different.
Thinking these for our bedside tables? With the mirrors here behind them? Yes my taste ranges, honestly if I could decorate my entire house with Jonathan Adler, I would.
Our house has a serious obsession with animals (that would be M), and all things porcelain and white resin (oh I have it so bad).
Lamp and deer head from Z Gallerie.

Thinking that maybe M and I will just go elope so that I can buy all of the above plus some. I hate not shopping! Any suggestions, I need rehab.


The damn cat

I am so frustrated with the damn cat! This guy right there.
No not so cute these days.
He is constantly on the counters. On Sunday I took meat out of the freezer to thaw out and knowing that we had been having problems with him I covered it in plastic wrap and put in a back corner. Fast forward ten minutes and he had taken the plastic wrap off and was going to town on the hamburger meat! This was two days after I thought he was eating his dinner and Chloe decided she needed to go out, well out we went, I came back in seconds later and the entire bag of dog food was all over the floor.  Last week he took the drain out of the sink.

No matter how much double sided tape and squirts with the water guns he keeps doing it. Aluminum foil, nothing, he just decided to chew it up. So I did some googling to find some recommendations and came across the Ssscat. Well I ordered one for our kitchen and then I came across some of the videos with people using it.  Seriously check it out:
So funny, yet I am also a little concerned about using it cause it seems a little mean. Although somehow I think that to keep Icarus off we might have to line the counters with a bunch of them. Any thoughts from anyone? Any tricks that have worked?



I think I just found it. Ohhh I love you.
Now if i can wait until 4/29/2011 for it. Oh and the $300 I will need for two.

New "Traditions"

So yesterday I bought this box:

Well the box will say our last name and so forth. M and I were not fans of the sand deal and found out from our priest that the unity candle had no tradition significance, so we decided to do something that would be a little more "us".  And what do we love almost as much as each other (I know gag right), we love wine. So we are going to go with this new trend people are doing and sealing up two letters, a bottle of wine, and anything else we would like to see in 5 or ten years. For full details check out this website which talks about it.

In other news M ordered the cables for the TV so we (him) can crack open the wall to hide it all and then we can paint the living room. then next will be painting the bedroom so since the bedroom will finally be painted I have been looking around for decorating items and I am obsessed with the mirror behind the table lamps idea. Something along the lines of these:
reblogged from desiretoinspire.net, originally Nichloas Haslam

Since we have non-matching bedside tables (we decided to go that route rather than matchy matchy) I want to match the table lamps and mirrors on the sides (or maybe just the mirrors) eh who knows.
Now I just have to find mirrors and lamps that I like.  Shouldn't be to hard, who am I kidding, it is a pain in the arse.

Eeeeeeeeee just found out good friends of ours closed on their house! They are moving closer to us! Woohoo.

So I should get back to work now.... Opps Happy Thursday.


Almost there..

In a short 4 and half months I will be here:

I serioulsy cannot wait. M and I finally booked our honeymoon. Ten days of being e-mail-less, cell phone-less and just time with the new hubs. Hmmm I wonder if I will kill him, I kid I kid.

We still have numerous "checklist" items to take care of and various activities (catholic P.R.E.P weekend, pre-marital counsling, bridal shower and of course the bachlor and bachlorette parties!) But now that the honeymoon is actually booked I am starting to get excited. I can NOT wait.

Has anyone done Punta Cana before and have any suggestions?


Heavy Heart

"Come to me, and rest in my loving presence.  You know that this day will bring difficulties, and you are trying to think your way through those trials.  As you anticipate what is ahead of you, you forget that I am with you - now and always.  Rehearsing your troubles results in experiencing them many times, whereas you are meant to go through them only when they actually occur.  Do not multiply your suffering in this way!  Instead, come to me and relax in my peace.  I will strengthen you and prepare you for this day, transforming your fear into confident trust."

 - Matthew 11:28-30; Joshua 1:5, 9

Reposted from my friends fathers CaringBridge page. May he now live pain free and forever watch over his two beautiful daughters and wife.

Working it

Three day weekends should be mandatory every weekend. I am finally able to catch up on laundry, today M and I are going to look at wedding bands, I am getting back into the working out thing (even though today is a day off because of how sore I am). And today i am getting a massage! Oh I cannot wait it has been so long since I have had one. I also stopped by JoAnns to pick up a couple things for some more projects. So house projects. During my blogging break I worked on many different projects. Remember this teal garden stool? Well now it looks much more like this:
I also finally made the bench for our outdoor patio set.
You see those pillows on the bench yep made those too.  I was tired of trying to find outside patio pillows in colors and patterns I wanted so I took matters into my own hands. With these pillows I learned how to add zippers too so I was able to add pillow inserts (made from old pillow cases) so that I can wash the pillows when needed.

Can you tell our color for outside is green? The next big house project, painting our bedroom.  Since M installed the ceiling fan and repaired the wall that our lovely Chloe decided to chew up we have some painting to do. Which we knew we would always do it was just a matter of timing since we knew we would be cutting into the wall.

Now off to finish the fireplace screen... and putting laundry away. Here is to three day weekends!


Just one of those days

I knew when I woke up this morning that I did not want to get out of bed.

I learned that a good friend of mine's father is most likely in his final days. He was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer on Thanksgiving day and has been through a world of suffering since. Just yesterday they removed the feeding tube that has been sustaining him and I believe at this moment they are keeping him comfortable.

I weep for my friend and I pray for her and her family. Much love.


Choices, choices

Yikes, I am under the five month mark for our wedding and there is still, well most of our stuff to do. Except I just spoke with ColdStone and ice cream sundae bar here we come! Now all we need to do is actually go in and figure out which ice cream flavors we want served!

So the point about choices, is I seriously need some help! I have been looking at feather fascinators for my hair and cannot figure out for the life of me which one I like the best. Help please!

Flirty Feather Fascinator Available in White, Ivory and Black...Choice Of Crystal Center from Londonxoxo

Sadie Feather Hair Comb from tessa kim

Clara feather fascinator from tulet

Lea feather fascinator from tulet

Thoughts please!!!!



Holy cow I am getting old. Yesterday was our annual girls Scott's brunch. For three years running we have gotten all the girls together in January to close out the holidays with brunch. If you do not know about Scott's Champagne Jazz Brunch you are missing out.  This brunch is notorious (at least with our group) for good times. All you can eat, all you can drink mimosa leaves me with a full belly and a 7 p.m. bedtime, this year was no different. Per the usual I walked away with a drunk impulse purchase, take a look at the beauty:
This morning when I started thinking a little clearer the guilt started, probably even more so because we are looking at booking our honeymoon this week.  I guess at least it is from nordstrom so if the guilt continues then I can make a return. Hmmm the 30th birthday is quickly approaching though, maybe I can justify it that way?
So as i continue to drag my feet through the day I will leave you with the one picture that came out of yesterday.
The pub's famous cheese sticks. Yum and were much needed!

Happy Monday!


Organizational void

Arrrgghhhh the animals are driving me crazy! I swear they know they outnumber me right now. M is out of town for two nights and they are walking all over me, and I am the strict one. Ohhhh how I worry how I will deal with kids one day.

Moving along, so I started with the linen closet this weekend and the first thing was to get the stuff out of there that did not belong in there. Next I noticed that there are certain things in bags that to me cause a little clutter so how do i fix it, enter the empty jars that was also in the closet, spiff it up and there you go.
A cuter better way to store my cotton balls and another to figure out something to put in.  Now if I can just finish the closet, but i have a feeling that is a long way off... Any hints, tricks or anything to help with a linen closet that a fiance goes in and just throws stuff around in there? Any help is appreciated!


Sunday bloody Sunday

Whewww... was yesterday a whirlwind. Yeah sure it took me a while to get out of bed but when I did I found this mess.
Marcel has gotten up before me and destroyed our house. Not in a literal sense but my M had pulled out the boxes and started the process and then decided to move on to the project of the ceiling fan in our bedroom. I love my guy to death but holy moly does he has ADD.

At the end of the day it all ended up cleaned up and we ended up with a brand new spankin ceiling fan with an overhead light! Yeah I do not understand why houses were not built with overhead lighting? Seriously?!?!?! So we my boy toy put up our light this weekend with a ceiling fan. I cannot wait to use it once the weather gets warm. Although I would just prefer it to stay like this.  I know I know blah blah blah, but I like the cold weather. So check it out, our new fan/light. Plus it has a remote that we could put right near the bed so there is no having to fight over who has to get up to turn it off.  Once we figure out actual room settings it could move.
So much to do still to do in our room, like paint, but first thing comes first and that is the living room. The picture above at least the garland is hiding the wires and the tree is hiding where a shelf has been ripped off, and the paint is still gross from the previous owners, so that room comes first! Crossing fingers still that the wires will be done for my birthday.

I also worked on organizing our linen closet this weekend.  Not to much progress yet but at least I  know whats in there now. Now for the long week (since the previous two were short).  Here is to a great 2011. I cannot believe I am getting married this year!!!!

Oh yeah New Years was ok but nothing exciting, pretty standard. Cheers to the work week.