Miserable Monday

It is becoming a recurring theme in my world. Walked in to the office this morning to find out I am not going to have a job. Announcement this morning that we were being acquired. Sucky timing with the new house and the dog and the wedding, I give up...


Love my friends and family

Yes of course the people but what i am talking about is the stroes friends and family discounts! I am headed over to Saks at lunch for a little action, mama needs a new pair of shoes, so what if I have no even worn the last new pair yet. I am headed over with a very good friend who is back from London! Woop woop, although my damage in the stores seem to increase when she is around.  But hey now whe can help my look for some wedding shoes. I would love to be able to brake the bank but I must somehow refrain since the dog already did.

I will leave you with some I just found on net-a-porter.com that make me drool. Ohhhhh come to mama. Python, 4 inches I would give Chloe up for a pair (well no I wouldn't but hummnnaa huumanna hummna).


Some pretties

 NoSo I mentioned here and here about these Tory Burch wedges. I finally was able to sneak them out of the car and into the house, when it comes to shoes I like to quietly rotate them into the collection (although M ALWAYS notices). So here are they are!
Ahhhh, a perfect add to my wedges, I have tan, bronze.. etc but no chocolate brown so now I do! Now I just need a cute summer dress that will go with them and then I can put on display on Sunday for the Bridal Shower. Wow come July I think we are done with weddings except for ours and the little sisters. Oh joy joy.

So tonight to try to make everything go a little better this week I am sitting in front of the tv with something so delicious next to me. Yep one of my new favorites, how I love spring and summer brews! By the way I am pretty amazed by my ability to have the light ok in this picture. Seriously I need photo classes or something cause I suck! Alright I am off... on to try to finish my shoes. Yea I kinda hated the big studs so I took them off and am now doing smaller ones. One day I will finish them. Alright totally random post but well thats how my brain works. Have a good night.


Miserable Monday

Uggghhh please tell me that Friday is here! I very much need a weekend because I had a non-existent weekend. Yeah quarter end sucks my butt! Next weekend I cannot wait! Saturday I will spend with my little girl and Sunday is a bridal shower for one of my good friends so basically it is a girls day with good food and drinks.

We finally set a date for our housewarming party, May 29th! Yep Memorial weekend. The Beirut table will be coming out along with the cornhole game and the homebrew! Ahhh perfect way to have a 3-day weekend. You guys around? Stop by, M makes some of the best homebrew around!

It would be ohhh so nice now if M and I actually have a serious conversation about booking a vacation, I am in serious need of some relaxation!


Meet Chloe

So I have been a very bad blogger, life has been calling and the dog is now taking up some time.  But I got a semi-decent picture of her, so meet my girl. Yea she was mid lick so her lip is a little crooked. And yes she is missing some hair on her leg, that is where the IV was due to the parvo, thank goodness she is home now! She is awesome, soft as can be and currently our shadow, she follows us everywhere.
M was so sure that there would be no dog in the bed, no dogs allowed. Hmmm guess who pulled her up on the bed this morning.  Hope everyone's weekend is going well.


Guilty pleasures

I am very guilty today. Not supposed to be spending any money (Chloe is now our Platinum Retreiver) and I picked up 2 dresses today on Hautelook.com.  I have a few Matty M items and love them, all the materials are super soft and the brand seems to fit me well, so I jumped on it and grabbed the dresses. I do have 2 more weddings this year so figured I needed some for bridal showers, bachlorette, rehersal dinner etc. So oh well I am only young once right.  Here are the dresses (pictures from hautelook.com):
Loving them, and no worries the white one will not be worn to an actual wedding. I have my beautiful bridesmaid dresses for that (can you sense the sarcasm?)

In other related news this weekend is my little sister's wedding. So crazy! So today is Friday for me! Tomorrow it is rehersal, mani-pedis and some great Mexican food for dinner. Sheen if you are out there reading this, Congrats, I love you! Now I should probably get back to work since I need to get out of here because I still have not written my maid of honor speach.... opps

Have a great weekend lovelies!
Oh P.S. Congrats to my Yankees too for taking the first series against the BooSox


Happy Day

Chloe is coming home today! So excited. We still have a long road in front of us but she is on the mend (a few dollars later).  We will still have to give her fluid shots, medication and force feed her as long as she is not eating on her own but protein levels are up as well as her electrolytes. The vets are really positive and have been so great.  Cannot wait for her to FINALLY be really home.



So Friday night we brought this beautiful girl home.
And Saturday we were at the emergency room with her. Turns out she has Parvo. You think you do your homework but how can you figure everything out. So she has been at the hospital since Saturday night and so far she will be there again tonight. Oh and the breeder will not call back! So angry, especially since she is still trying to sell her 5 other littermates. I hope she pulls through. I just want her to come home for good.


ohhhhhh so pretty

Great scott! I found them and not in denim and they were swell.  Picture to come once M is at work tomorrow since shhhh it is a little quiet right now.

I was really really hoping to go check out some of these beauties this weekend.
(Source : google images)
But as fate would have it I have not heard back from the breeder since our orginal conversation. So the search continues.  And I know I can go to the animal shelter and pick a loving dog up there but I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted a golden and have only ever had rescues. And let me tell you they have their own set of issues. Everyday I just wish I would be coming home to the wagging tail of a golden, they love you and have such an amazing happy personality. I cannot wait until I finally find one!

Moving on... I cannot believe the day is not over!?!? I so badly just want to go home, and I am pretty sure all of my co-workers are in the same boat, considering we all have the same glossed over look in our eyes staring at our computers. Yep the boss does too (they have window walls which is fun when I watch him fall asleep at his desk the day after happy hour days. Oh to be at home. Pretty soon and I have cases of wine just waiting for me in the garage. MMMM, the winery my Uncle is a winemaker at had a friends and family discount of 70%... wooooowee you better believe I took advantage! Alright friends, heres to a long weekend!