Live like there is no tomorrow

The coming of the new year is always a time to reflect on the past and this year has brought me/us some good fortune and some tough times. I just passed the 2 year anniversary of my grandfathers death and I am now watching a close friend deal with her fathers cancer. With times like that I decided that my New Years resolution for 2011 is to live like there is no tomorrow. I need to learn to take life by the horns and take advantage of what I have.

Notable times from 2010 include:

Buying our first home.
Brought our girl Chloe home (and dealt with her parvo) and got a cat.
Watched my little sister get married.
Lost my job due to the acquisition.
Did more wedding planning, found my shoes and most recently the dress.
Most recently M and I got our first new car (well not brand new but for us who are both driving cars from the mid 90's its a big deal).

Here's to 2011, a year that is shaping up to be one of the biggest of my life, the year I become a Mrs. Cheers to a happy and safe night!



So I did not get everything on my list but I did get some great things. The first and foremost..
(via amazon)
My sewing machine. Yep that is my new machine! It is not a crazy electronic with a bunch of gadget and gizmos but this is going to be a perfect new toy. Also under the tree was some target gift cards that will help towards the chairs. Couple of these were received will help towards all of our house projects (hint hint M if you are listening please finally get the wire mess out of sight!)
(via lowes.com)
M tried to surprise me by having my earrings reset. The long story short, my 16th birthday from my Dad was my diamond earrings, well the setting was loose and I thought I lost one at one point (we later found it in the wash). But I was pretty devastated and I have not worn them since, about 6 years ago. So M had them reset so I could wear them again.

No rain boots, I might just have to pull the trigger, I mean pay day is in a day ;) And talk about using them, it has been raining like crazy!

Hope everyone got at least some things they desired. I am so appreciative for those things that I did receive!


Moving on...

Its over?@!#??? The thing about Christmas is that the holiday season is near the end and it makes me a little sad. The holiday season to me is a time to hang out with my family. This year also marks the last of the holidays with just my family. I love M and I am also a little selfish and it is going to be really hard to give up "my" traditions of being with my family during the holidays. Once we get married I have to give up "my" traditions and start ours, and this year was the start of it. Long story short, we started acclimating Christmas into our house and less into my parents. Moving on...

So while I was "gone" one of the things we did was go camping. I know how do you take Louboutins camping????? Well I left them at home and actually took my Keens, wait what? Who ever thought.  So for camping we headed up to the coast and got the best weather for the weekend. Bodega Bay yeah typically foggy, we actually got sun! My favorite part of the weekend? Watching these two run around like crazy dogs.
The entire weekend was a blast, it included a lot of beer, beermosas, food, cows, and cuddling with Chloe. And really just because I can:
And one that is not dog related.
Oh wait there are dogs, but also my sisters and "brothers" i.e. brothers-in-law and M.


Merry Christmas

 (google images)
All the presents are wrapped and well not under the tree cause the animals would be going to town. But M is making breakfast and we are enjoying our morning. This afternoon we will head to my Grandmas which I have done since I was a wee one. Tomorrow morning will be a bit weird since we are going to be in our house for the first time and not my parents. But as we grow things change.

So I am signing off until after Christmas. Hope you spend your holiday with everyone you love!


Christmas Wishes

So this year my Christmas list is a bit different from last years. We did get out house finally in New Year (January 2010!) I do find though that now I want things for the house, and my new creative bug that has hit do to house projects.

One of these would come in handy as I try to build furniture (and yes I added a bench to my short list of built items):

And one of these would allow me to give my Mom her machine back:
(via: google image)

And I would LOVEEEE two of these for our lounge area off the kitchen:

And of course could not forget the "necessities" and since it has been raining here for what seems like FOREVER and is going to continue to rain I really want a new pair of these:
And yes in auburgine please.

These too please! Ohhh I die!

And please excuse me California why can I not have python shipped here???? For the love of fashion!@#$!

Hope everyone has a great holiday, especially the Brown's whose year seems like it is looking to end on a good note. Congrats!


Bringing it back

I thought I was going to have a brief hiatus has now turned into 6 months, yikes! During that time I had my last couple months at my previous company to help with the transition, went on unemployment, and started working for my old boss at his new company.

Not only that, we bought a new car, I found my wedding dress, continued to make plans for the wedding (which I cannot believe is just over a mere six months away now), and started and actually finished some house projects.

As I work on getting caught up on everyones lives I will also update you on mine and hopefully that means returning to our normal programming.