I am finding it really weird after all the websites that I have been stalking that I have not found a single pair of shoes that I want to buy. I have found ones that I would love, but only with an endless budget love.

Now these I would not kick out of bed! They would of already been purchased had they not been in denim. Pic Source: Net-a-Porter.com.
And seriously just found these on Foot Candys website. Tory you are killing me with the love for your effortlessly chic summer sandals.  (Pic Source: footcandyshoes.com). Alright now it is bedtime, or maybe not. Hmmm We will see how far shoes take me tonight. Oh sweet dreams.

My poor fingers...

So back from Tahoe and finally recouped. Let me tell you Mr. Patron, you are so not my friend anymore. Give me a PBR and you have the energizer bunny. Ugghhhh no wonder I gave up shots, seriously Monday morning came and I almost called in sick, from Saturday night! How do I get my tolerance back from when I was 24?!?! 

Onward and upward. I finally got our San Francisco print framed and now we just need to figure out where it is going to go.  I love this print and it totally represents M and I since that is where we lived and met. I colored in our neighborhoods and where we spent a lot of our time. I love the city and even though we have our little home I really do love everything that Russian Hill (will always be my hood) and everything it had to offer.
I also finally started my studding project on my chucks! Remember way back when I said I was going to. Well started, and although I am not sure that I do actually like the size on them I do  not think I would like the smaller studs either. So here I am starting.
And here is the end, I am really thinking that I would prefer to have done the smaller studs. What do you guys think. If the studs are smaller I can still take these out since the holes would be covered up but I don't know. And yes I have only done one since I am pretty sure that my fingers are beyond bruised from doing this shoe alone. Opinions please?
Alright I am off to bed.  Sleepy sleepy. Yea for tomorrow being "Friday". Pretty sure that I will be doing absolutely nothing come the actual Friday, and no booze until the bubbles bus since I want to make sure I can fully enjoy it, especially after my new enemy Mr. Patron.


Tooodaalooos mother fs!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series
It is Friday and I am in love with that! Seriously one of the longest weeks ever! Thank goodness I have a couple short weeks in front of me.

I just came across the coolest website ever! Knock Off Wood, check here out here. So cool and especially since some of the furniture built there is stuff I had been looking at but not wanting to drop the moolah on.

I love this boy, he has been ever so great in this craptastic week that I have had.

So tonight I am off to Tahoe for my sisters bachlorette this weekend, already dreaming of being back in my own bed Sunday night. Except that M will be gone when I get back for another work trip. Excited for next week though. Friday off and Saturday it is a bubbly tour through Napa! Yea bubbles!!!

Have a great weekend and see you all when I return.



Oh how I lack thee. I could easily get pictures up of things that were accomplished this weekend, like picking out couches, getting picture/poster frames or even the bed frame that is up and oh so wonderful, but apparently I used up all movitivation this weekend getting those things done because there is a serious lack of motivation to do anything right now. Work, gym, blogging, hanging up the now framed pictures, laundry that needs to be folded (since that was done this weekend too).

Help!!! I seriously need some, I need to get to the gym (my little sister's wedding is in 2.5 weeks), work needs to be done due to Q1 reporting sitting directly in front of me. Ugh I seriously need some of this (images via google images):

With this:
Oh weekend where are you, except that I will be out of town for the sisters bachlorette. Oh I give in.


Its finally Friday

Oh I love Friday's and due to loving Fridays I am going to participate with my blog crush Summer on her It's Friday, I'm in love Series.

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

Holidays in San Francisco - Maybe the fact that only something like 35% of people in San Francisco is native, but the city knows how to do holidays. One of my favorites, the big wheel race on Easter Sunday, such a good time!
New Bed Frame - Our new bed frame arrives tomorrow! Finally, we ordered it about 2 months ago from Room & Board and it is going to be here tomorrow morning!

National Corn Dog Day - Seriously really, I wish I liked corn dogs because they are having PBR specials all day with it!

Oh Friday night come faster....


Luck of ye ol Irish

Who else is excited for tomorrow?! St. Patricks Day!! Ahhh I love holidays that call for drinking beer. So I am not a big person to wear green so while sitting on my butt tonight I painted my nails green. Yeah I guess I am showing off my ring a little bit there too. But there is my green and cheers to tomorrow. I will be absent tomorrow due to the celebrations requiring some beer so have a great hump day!


It's alive!

That would be me. Well at least for the short period between the end of year end and the beginning of Q1. So today at work, major brain freeze and I spent the day reacquainting   myself with all the lovely bloggers I follow since last week sucked my butt. And guess what Wednesday cannot come soon enough! We are leaving the office about 11:30 for lunch and then you better believe you will find my co-workers and I here:
Yep we will be on Front Street in "front" of Harrington's and the Royal Exchange drinking plenty of my favorites. It probably will be my favorite work day ever! So if you need me on Wednesday you will find me at the corner of Front and Sacramento in SF, anyone in the area come on down! And see if you can find me, if not we could of moved along to the Irish Bank since my boss has a hard time staying in one place once he starts drinking. Oh and since our favorite Miller Lite lover is abstaining from beer, I will make sure I drink her share. Cheers to St. Patrick's Day!


Task 2 of 1,000,000

We did it we booked our phototgrapher and cinematographer for our wedding!  The lovely Travis and Candice of Serendipity Studios!

So excited. Seriously check out their website, beautiful.


Newest happy cow.

Hey everyone did you hear I am the new Happy Cow? You can check out my other blog here.

Alright obviously I am just kidding but I got a voice mail from my Dad last night that I kinda thought he was drunk but turned out he was calling me to tell me I was a cow. Well in more words and not so much telling me other than the commercial but me Dad has a way with words.  My favorite quote of my Dad's to me "You better hurry up and be kid ready your drying up".  Really Dad?!?! Well I am off to run errands. The Room and Board guys were here right at 10:30 and were awesome! Highly recommend them just due to their customer service.

Hope everyones Saturday is everything they want!


Party time, excellent

Oh thank goodness for Fridays (even though I have to work this weekend, at least it is at home).

M got back last night from his trip and apparently will not be heading out on anymore, I would not be surprised if that changes come Monday. So he took today off and guess what he is doing, yep jumping out of the plane. I found this picture picture on Bay Area Skydiving's photo gallery.  See those yellow legs and orange shirt. Thats my boy jumping to his life content.

So he is back from Texarkana and tomorrow morning.  I am getting me some of these. Hello luvr, delish!

(image via google images)

It probably has something to do with the fact that the word cake is in them but pancakes I could eat breakfast lunch and dinner, with a side of hash browns. I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Also happening tomorrow, our bedstands are arriving! Between 10:30 and 12:30 tomorrow I will be patiently waiting for the truck from Room and Board to arrive with our bed stands. We still have to wait on the bed frame, but it is supposed to be here by the end of the month.

Saturday night, a friends b-day watching some Diamond Dave. Who is he you ask? Just the most super cool dude ever. Seriously check out his website, I am thinking, hmmmm maybe wedding material?

Well hope everyones weekend is lovely. I will be here till the CFO decides he is finally done with what he needs to give me and then I can start my work. Booooo


Can I ask all you students out there, how does this help your cause?
(source: sfgate.com)
Trust me I get it, I was a student once too. But shutting down a major Bay Area freeway, not cool. I get it, I am sympathetic, my sister is a third year teacher and losing her job, but when you become stupid. Hey buddy there in handcuffs, guess what? the budget for your tuition, walking right next to you in riot gear. After living in the city for a number of years and working here, I have a distaste for rioters, between listening to them while I am working or not being able to take the bus home because of hundreds of peoples on their bikes. No I don't agree with you I am taking public transit, "being green" and stuck, yah thanks so much.

Alright, thats done, moving along now that all the streets and freeways in the Bay Area are now free from people...


Oh love

Ahhhh just came across this. Yum, cannot wait to leave work to go home to it.

(photo from this lovely article)


Chalk it up

It is finally done! My black board wall is completed and working well.

Before I go there though, all I can say is thank goodness last week is over! I still have our 10-K that still is to be done but our LLC report went out on Friday and  the sisters bridal shower was Saturday! So two things causing me stress are finally out the door. The bridal shower went well, I had 30 women in my house, we were a little restricted to the house since the weather well... did not work with us on Saturday. Sunday was perfect! I sat on the couch and that is where I resided all day. Ok so you guys want to know about the wall?

Here is the wall before. Oh yes the whole kitchen is that awful I think I used to be an ivory wall but now I kinda look yellow. Another project to get through.  So the wall is texturized and you need a flat wall to paint the chalk board paint on so I had to sand it down. Totally reccommend an electric sander if you have one considering my shoulders still do not feel so hot. So sanding away and then once done make sure you wash down the wall to get all dust off.

  Here is the paint that I used (all images me, except this one from google images). The wall needed two coats to stay warm in my kitchen since the oven doesn't get turned on to much.
Check it out, this was my bubble. I seriously spent more time putting "the bubble" up than it would of been for me to clean up but cleaning, not my bag of chips. So it took me an hour to put this up and tape and I still had to clean up after. Okay enough is enough (well maybe I just want to go to sleep, actually I want to watch K. Kardashian poo out her baby). So here it is!
I found the silver magnet strip at the container store and thought it might be a fun addition. The 1 year 3  months, that was for M since he has been out of town for 3 weeks and I thought he might need a reminder that I am here waiting for him. Oh yeah the clean up (i.e. making the lines straight come once he gets home to take the cabinet doors down).

Toodles loves!