Thank you

Thank you Bloggess for saying the unsaid. I wish I could of been brave enough to saying it myself.


It's been awhile

This year has been a blessing and well, the opposite.

I got married.
Welcomed my first niece in November. Met her just last week!
Spent this past Christmas with M's family for the first time.
Have worked some crazy hours which finally pushed me to find a new job. New Year new job in 2012!
And have been battling depression and anxiety which has been under wraps since my junior year in high school.

As I move forward into 2012 I hope to work on the personal issues, boost our savings (I know corny), learn to love life more, relax, and crossing my fingers in hopes to finally enjoy my job again!

Cheers to a new year and wiping the slate "clean".


Drunk Moose

Yes really...
From Per Johansson  in Sweden via sfgate.com

This article is seriously entertaining, more so the picture.


Opps he done it again!

Seriously cat, really? Of course the dog helped do some damage once they were down. Off to purchase more ssscat.


Damn cat

Yep thats rice, and of course it was a brand new bag.
Devil thought he could hide a bag of rice that he dragged across the ground.


The Bloggess

Has anyone checked out The Bloggess?
Seriously ridiculously funny. Her banana story? Completely awesome. And all came about her from the boy. Yep he sent it to me, he knew I had a thin for ridiculous make yourself cry humor. Yeah not really but he did send it because of this

Definitely worth a gander. Something all men need to learn, wish mine would take actual note.