Two left feet

Ok seriously something is wrong with me, the second M goes out of town for a long period I turn into Miss Spastic. Couple months ago he was in China for 3 weeks and I threw out my back and crashed my car into a pole. I also broke two wine glasses over the course of him being gone.

Well now M is off in Texarkana for 3 weeks this go around and since he left a week ago I cut open my elbow and had a cutting board come off the top shelf and smack me in the face. Seriously my face hurts. I kinda wonder what is next. It is bad, this is actually to a point that M worries about leaving me cause he is worried what will happen, we just will not tell him that I had the sewing machine out tonight. At least  my fingers are not sewn together ;)

Hope everyone's Monday went well. I am hoping to finish the painting of the blackboard wall tomorrow night (that is IF  I get out of work earlier than 9 pm tomorrow night). Night y'all!


Martha with a twist

So you all heard that I went camping this past weekend. Yes this lady who loves her Louboutins put on my hiking shoes and zipper pants (they can be either shorts or pants), not really my choice for everyday style but you have to wear something right? So we backpacked 5.5 miles in Saturday afternoon, seriously blame it on love. Check out my backpack, so hot right? Well M totally thought so. It was nice though because well he carried everything heavy. Including all the wine ;).  Hey I have to get through the night somehow.

That us, "getting through" the weekend with our red cups, I think I will always have an affection for those cups, they have such great meaning behind them!
So I made it through the 24 hours in the wilderness, we hiked back to the car and proceeded to the nearest brewrey (I heart beer). Once we returned home it was immediatly to the shower. I LURRVVVEEE showers. Like I would take an hour long shower everyday if I could. Hope everyone's week is winding up and you are ready for the weekend! I have a bunch of tasks on my list for the weekend, including finishing the napkins for my sister's bridal shower, finish up my chalkboard wall, testing out some baked goods, and getting more boxes taken care of. Happy weekending!

M and I on the hike out, look at me, I am a whitey.


Just call me Martha

So this whole wedding thing (mine, friends and sisters) and the new house have me channeling my inner Martha. Last night I started sanding down the wall in the kitchen  to remove the texture for the chalk board wall and today I have the reminents in my nose. Note to self go buy a mask before I finish sanding.

Sunday night was sewing night. I saw an idea about sewing napkins for weddings and what not so I decided to take on the project for my sister's bridal shower. So here I am sewing away. Notice the machine, it is my Mom's and that thing is older than me. I know right, how is something older than my old self? I got through about 20 napkins and the lines, not so straight, oh well, its the thought right?

I am actually excited about the bridal shower because it will be the first time that I have had a party at my house. We have been too busy for a house warming party and now M is gone for 3 weeks for work, then he gets back and I am in crunch time for work. We will get there and you better believe there will be beer and probably a little beirut.

Hope everyones short week is going well.



Remember this? Well my package came this week and woopppyyyy dooo! Someone loves me!
When this was on my doorstep when I got home from work I was so excited! Love mail that is not bills!So I opened up my package and yummy!
Barefoot Contessa red velvet cupcake mix (which I have been wanting to try just have not bought it yet) silicon heart baking cupcakes, a heart cookie cuter, chocolates "green" paper baking cups. So excited to use it!

I other news, I went camping this weekend. One night only as well camping not quite my thing. But M lovesssss it! So we backpacked in and did one night with some good friends. But more of that later. I am off to Michaels to frame my Christmas present so that we can get it hung up on the wall and M and I will be headed to Home Depot later so we can get my chalk board wall painted, yea! Have a great Presidents/Mayra Day!


Down with the sickness

Seriously! Sick again. Well folks I have been down and out all weekend. I did not even get to do a celebration dance for dear Summer, cause well I was sleeepingg.  And well my ears STILL will not pop. Please oh please oh pop. So while I get better I will be a little absent minded around here, who am I kidding though I am always absent minded. Toddles

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


Happy birthday to me!

Wooop Wooop! Just spent the morning at DMV now it is work and then pizza time with friends. Man what a great day I have planned! By the way I LOVE pizza.
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"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel



By the way if you didn't hear there are six more weeks of winter. Phil says so.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

The house!

We  I found it! I found my camera cord. Although apparently we took very few photos before we started changing things up. There are also the pictures pre the old owners moving out and those where we have started the projects.  This one is the old owners "baby room", well those who have been reading that is NOT what I wanted for my birthday this year. See the color? The chair rail? We vetoed those before we even moved in.
Here is the room as the process started. The chair rail gone and the painting getting ready to go.
Our least favorite paint job had to be the kitchen. Country kitsch anyone?

Yeah blue walls blue counters, ugh. now I do not have a before before. So this is AFTER we took the chair rail off in the kitchen, it was like they tried to match the chair rail to the cabinets but did it really poorly, I mean I could pull off the base boards and chair rail with my hand? Really? So country kitsch no more (well the blue counters are still there but one day they will be replaced) and I am actually looking for a zebra print rug that can fit into space that is not shown here.

We still have another month before our bedroom furniture comes in :( but at least things are cleaning up a little. Finally the baseboards were put in the kitchen last night! woop woop, now they just have to be painted, but things are coming together and looking a little better. My focus get it together so we can have a housewarming party wooohoooo, who is in? Home brew, some of my uncles award winning wines. Yep my Uncle is the Assistant wine Master at Schug and the Best of Class, thats his! woop woop!!! Alright well this is getting long and I need to start my birthday!!! Woooohooooo 8:36 a.m tomorrow and I am 29, yikes, I am getting old.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel



It's here!! Cheers to Bananas and me! I have a feeling she might have some issues because its my birthday month too, but you know what mine is FIRST! yahahaha. Two days and its birthday anniversary time! I went a little overboard this weekend with the shopping cause M told me I wasn't getting any presents :( Booooo to him. I guess in his defense we did just buy a house and bedroom furniture and a new mattress (bowchickawowa). But still a girl only has a birthday once a year!

In good news this weekend I think I found my camera cord! Well I found the box this weekend which means I still have not looked in it to determine the cord is in there. Maybe tonight I will get there. The baseboards for the kitchen/eating area are showing up tonight so hopefully those will be in this weekend and the "construction" part will be done.

Oh I am also taking inspiration from Mayra's bag studding and going to stud up my new converse (yes I love my all-stars). Now if I could just finish the other DIY tasks I have at hand. I also went and bought myself a cricut. I hope I actually use it...

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel