Drunk Moose

Yes really...
From Per Johansson  in Sweden via sfgate.com

This article is seriously entertaining, more so the picture.


Opps he done it again!

Seriously cat, really? Of course the dog helped do some damage once they were down. Off to purchase more ssscat.


Damn cat

Yep thats rice, and of course it was a brand new bag.
Devil thought he could hide a bag of rice that he dragged across the ground.


The Bloggess

Has anyone checked out The Bloggess?
Seriously ridiculously funny. Her banana story? Completely awesome. And all came about her from the boy. Yep he sent it to me, he knew I had a thin for ridiculous make yourself cry humor. Yeah not really but he did send it because of this

Definitely worth a gander. Something all men need to learn, wish mine would take actual note.


Love this

So spectacular, wish Chloe loved her pool this much.


So I should be finishing our thank you cards instead I am looking at shoe sales. Finding pretties such as these from barneys.com
Or how about these lovelies from saks.com
To go with my gorgeous Miu Miu's seen here

Oh I am in desperate need for a good pair of flat boots, and these from saks.com would do wonderfully

Or from nordstrom.com which has beautiful plum suede going on right now
So so pretty. 

Just a few items I would love to get my hands on these days. But I will be good, I try and try and will succeed at biting my crazy shopaholic in the ass.


Thank goodness this week is over! Seriously I am amazed that someone or many someones are still alive. This week seemed to go on forever! Or maybe that is because last week ran into this week since I worked last weekend. Ah crap and literally just got the phone call M's G-ma passed today. I know things could be worse it just seems that everything piles on top of one another at the same time.

So in order to pick up my spirits I am going to rehash my wonderful photographer Candice at Serendipity Studios. Oh so many pretty's.

Remember wayyyyy back when I gave you a tiny tiny peak of the shoes, and then I shared some pictures here and here. But here they are in their full glory. I love you Louboutin.
All the details from the day, seriously some of the most rocking pictures are those that remind me of all the little stuff.

Me and the sisters.
Love both of these
Pretty sure we should be in a magazine.
All photos above from Serendipity Studios and my lady Candice.

Here are a few more from my sister during the wedding. This one pretty much resembles my life, purple teeth :)
Oh the car. What they didn't know was it was going to pour rain the next day and wash it all away.

Hope everyeones weekend are going well. Here is to hopefully having a little slower week.


Welcome to California

Now please proceed to finding a place to buy a fleece.
If you are ever in the city during the summer you can spot a tourist from a mile away, why, because they are wearing one of these bad boys.
Which can be found here any near any of the wharfs, but look now they are online. Seriously these are the biggest seller in the city. Now why does this come up? Because I have been wearing this guy all week:
Honestly I think Northern California keeps North Face in business. Don't get me wrong I am by no means complaining, my favorite outfit is jeans, a sweater and my chucks, but for the east bay it is weird. Next week we are supposed to be back up into the 80's though so for the time being I am going to soak up my mid 70 days and below 60 nights. 

Certainly going to enjoy some of this "outside weather" this weekend. Here is to a very stressful week being almost over and to our project hopefully getting way more progress this weekend. What project, oh this one.
The retaining wall that started falling down hard core after one of our last big storms, remember here. So we have been working hard this week and has gotten to this point, who am I kidding M has done all the work. The wall is out, and the digging has begun. Now the post holes have to be dug and cement and poles in then the wood actually has to be placed back and then the dirt will then have to be refilled in. Oh and draining is being added, we he DOES NOT want to do this again.

In good news about this is hopefully i can get those planks sanded down well enough to make our very own reclaimed wood table! Woop woop that would be awesome. So here is to a busy weekend.




Feeling green

So he finally made it home! Friday night late night M finally made it back, I was long asleep but you better believe Chloe met him at the door. Pretty sure that was enough for him, besides my butt does not waggle and my whole body does not shake.

So Saturday what did M want to do? We headed to Home Depot. This was of course because I had given him a slight nudge to fix the leaking sprinkler so I could stop having to water the front lawn. So M has been obsessed with his garden and this weekend we went one step further in making sure we are prepping the soil as best as we can. We started our first compost bin.

So I am a big follower of the DIY extraordinaire, the  Petersiks over at Young House Love and of course they have done the compost bin so I got to simply got to copy what the did. So we took our simple $5 Rubbermaid bin.
And started composting. Some grass, coffee grounds, and old apples. We are on our way to better nutrient rich soil (as compared to the weed filled sand the previous owners tended to the 5 years before we moved in.
Maybe next up we will try the rain barrel?


Save me San Francisco

And then he said let there be light, or in my case fog.
(from wiki)
Seriously this heat is killing me! The fact that I can open the windows tonight I am absolutely loving. Call me a wimp but I grew up in the middle of the bay, literally on an island in the bay. So when temperatures are in the high 90's and 100's I turn into a big whiny baby and stay in doors. I hope the cooler whether sticks around for the weekend because my yard is screaming, "help me". Our wine barrel guest book is calling to be sealed, and Chloe is dying for an open space walk. So here is to crossing our fingers that it will at least cool down to below 90, oh that would be lovely.


RIP iPhone

I wish I had some fun story to go along with it but I was at home on the couch just waiting for M to call. And then it happened, the 3G went to iPhone heaven. My phone has been a trusty phone over the last couple of years but last night, it drowned itself. Yep, seriously drowned in a glass of water, as it was dying it allowed me one last call (so kind). So first thing today I up and went down and got myself a new friend.
I am  going to call her Tabitha, and of course she is a girl because I went white, after the first phone being black and the ipod being black I decided to make the change. So iPhone 5 when you come out, suck it, 4 is way better (I was waiting for the 5 so the death of my first one, sad day).

That's all, except I am still waiting for M to come home, now it is supposed to be Friday, we'll see.

Hope your Fourth was fantastic and stayed cool.


Happy Fourth of July!

Hello hello. So excited the long weekend has just started. Technically we had a company holiday today as well but due to it being the first day of a quarter close that so did not happen for me. So I am about to get this party started. 1 minor thing, I am doing it minus this guy
From the day we got engaged, over a year and a half ago!
Yeah he is stuck in Canada this weekend working. I love it when their company creates a good product some plant spends millions of dollars buying it and having it installed and then pay somebody pennies to oversea the use of it. Really don't you know the product has to be maintained!??!!!

So while I am off pouting he is missing out on a weekend full of things he loves the best, BBQ and friends. I am off to sulk now, have a great Fourth of July!

(from google image)


Our Wedding

M and I decided we were going to do a first look which I am so happy we did! Doing the first look allowed for so many great shots of the two of us.  So while we were out doing our pictures our wedding party was doing things like this:
Sister so diligently finishing her speech, annndd
of course the boys were busy drinking not only beers but tequila as well. Which led to M giving a LOT of expressions like the one below trying to get the boys on board for pictures.
But all is well because when it came down to it the guys straightened up and got it all done and we have some pretty awesome pictures.

Here are all the "sisters" my two sisters and my sister-in-law who is due in November! Yep going to be an Auntie right here.
Big Bro and sister-in-law, love how my brother even wore a purple shirt since he was doing the reading.

My sister and brother-in-law, yes he is in sneakers, but hey at least he has the purple tie.

I actually really like this picture although I am pretty sure M is telling me how annoying the boys are since they drank the entire bottle.

Once pictures were done it was time to relax and wait because up next was the ceremony.