The damn cat

I am so frustrated with the damn cat! This guy right there.
No not so cute these days.
He is constantly on the counters. On Sunday I took meat out of the freezer to thaw out and knowing that we had been having problems with him I covered it in plastic wrap and put in a back corner. Fast forward ten minutes and he had taken the plastic wrap off and was going to town on the hamburger meat! This was two days after I thought he was eating his dinner and Chloe decided she needed to go out, well out we went, I came back in seconds later and the entire bag of dog food was all over the floor.  Last week he took the drain out of the sink.

No matter how much double sided tape and squirts with the water guns he keeps doing it. Aluminum foil, nothing, he just decided to chew it up. So I did some googling to find some recommendations and came across the Ssscat. Well I ordered one for our kitchen and then I came across some of the videos with people using it.  Seriously check it out:
So funny, yet I am also a little concerned about using it cause it seems a little mean. Although somehow I think that to keep Icarus off we might have to line the counters with a bunch of them. Any thoughts from anyone? Any tricks that have worked?

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Holly said...

aw that video seems mean :( poor kitty.

maybe your kitty has a tape worm and is just really really truly hungry?