Tooodddooollloooo 2009.

Peace out, no looking back.

Christmas was fantastic, my parents had a very full house this year. M's brother was up this year since he now lives in southern California and was not going to fly back to NY.  Of course the sisters, M and the sister's fiance and her dog. Poor Layla (the dog) still has bars in her leg from her surgery. All she wants to do is play and she cannot. Hopefully next Christmas will involve me having a house and a puppy.

New Years was spent at a friends house. M and I have never had a great new years 3 years ago there was a skydiving accident and he lost a good friend (Tommy D - R.I.P). Last year we were apart because we were supposed to be in NY together but I never made it out to NY the day after Christmas due to the passing of my Pa. This year we were actually together and had a great time.  I never got a picture with M but here are two great ones of me with the IronMan couple who M and I will be standing next to at their wedding in July.

Thats me and the to be groom mugging the camera, and also me and the soon to be bride. Seriously they are going to have the tallest kids ever! I mean I am a little short but I believe at 5'4" I am an "average" height. Ok well yes they are tall and I am short, oh well. I cannot wait for their wedding as these two have become such great friends to M and I.

Well here is to 2010! A year that is going to be very busy with many things to come.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


bananas. said...

mean mugging? okay for a second i thought you too were sad or something.

hope you had a good new years with your M.


bananas. said...

sea lions are still MIA. there were only a few left. so sad...