And so it begins

So here we are the end of June and seems like we are going to end the month the same way we started it, with rain. Record breaking amounts of rain for June, this is seriously making M not a happy camper.

In other news my sister finally got some of our wedding pictures up online for all to see and of course I am going to show some of them off because well this is my blog and I say so.

The week started out on Wednesday with our church ceremony. Since we wanted our marriage to be recognized by the Catholic Church we worked with our priest and had a ceremony in the church previous to our ceremony on Friday.
Us with all of the "Fathers".

Thursday morning my sister and I woke up bright and early and headed to the SF flower mart to pick out all the flowers for the wedding. Seriously I was up at 6 a.m. on a day off, unheard of. M took off to take our cinematographer skydiving, seriously he was the one who wanted flowers why was I the one up early to go get them while he got to go skydiving!?!?! So next up the rehearsal.

This one I would call, scolding M for being 20 minutes late to his own rehearsal. Why? Because he thought it was important to get a beer at the hotel and meet the hotel bar tender. MEN!@#

So while we were waiting for the groom to arrive we decided to take a family photo. After we finally wrapped up we headed over to Casa Orozco for dinner. Pretty good food but it had an awesome outdoor space. With the group we had in tow we spent more on drinks then we did on food!

Oh yes that is me and tequila, tequila es no bueno.

From the tequila I headed back to the hotel, not to get my beauty sleep but to finish the flowers up.
So the night before was a bit busy but would not have changed doing the flowers myself for anything. They turned out exactly how I had envisioned and wanted, nothing to done up, much more organic wildflower feel. Then off to bed since the next day was the big day.

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Holly said...

i know, what is with this rain?!?!

loved this post! and i didnt know about the flowers, so fun.