Love my friends and family

Yes of course the people but what i am talking about is the stroes friends and family discounts! I am headed over to Saks at lunch for a little action, mama needs a new pair of shoes, so what if I have no even worn the last new pair yet. I am headed over with a very good friend who is back from London! Woop woop, although my damage in the stores seem to increase when she is around.  But hey now whe can help my look for some wedding shoes. I would love to be able to brake the bank but I must somehow refrain since the dog already did.

I will leave you with some I just found on net-a-porter.com that make me drool. Ohhhhh come to mama. Python, 4 inches I would give Chloe up for a pair (well no I wouldn't but hummnnaa huumanna hummna).

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Valerie said...

Oh Chloe, how does she always know exactly what will make our hearts skip a beat? These are amazing. Did you get them? LOVE the friends and family discounts, what could be better than that?

Have a great weekend!