I was really really hoping to go check out some of these beauties this weekend.
(Source : google images)
But as fate would have it I have not heard back from the breeder since our orginal conversation. So the search continues.  And I know I can go to the animal shelter and pick a loving dog up there but I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted a golden and have only ever had rescues. And let me tell you they have their own set of issues. Everyday I just wish I would be coming home to the wagging tail of a golden, they love you and have such an amazing happy personality. I cannot wait until I finally find one!

Moving on... I cannot believe the day is not over!?!? I so badly just want to go home, and I am pretty sure all of my co-workers are in the same boat, considering we all have the same glossed over look in our eyes staring at our computers. Yep the boss does too (they have window walls which is fun when I watch him fall asleep at his desk the day after happy hour days. Oh to be at home. Pretty soon and I have cases of wine just waiting for me in the garage. MMMM, the winery my Uncle is a winemaker at had a friends and family discount of 70%... wooooowee you better believe I took advantage! Alright friends, heres to a long weekend!

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bananas. said...

enjoy your long weekend. just like you i'm drinking!!!!