Some pretties

 NoSo I mentioned here and here about these Tory Burch wedges. I finally was able to sneak them out of the car and into the house, when it comes to shoes I like to quietly rotate them into the collection (although M ALWAYS notices). So here are they are!
Ahhhh, a perfect add to my wedges, I have tan, bronze.. etc but no chocolate brown so now I do! Now I just need a cute summer dress that will go with them and then I can put on display on Sunday for the Bridal Shower. Wow come July I think we are done with weddings except for ours and the little sisters. Oh joy joy.

So tonight to try to make everything go a little better this week I am sitting in front of the tv with something so delicious next to me. Yep one of my new favorites, how I love spring and summer brews! By the way I am pretty amazed by my ability to have the light ok in this picture. Seriously I need photo classes or something cause I suck! Alright I am off... on to try to finish my shoes. Yea I kinda hated the big studs so I took them off and am now doing smaller ones. One day I will finish them. Alright totally random post but well thats how my brain works. Have a good night.

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Kristin said...

OMG, those are heavenly! Totally worth the sneaking in. Ah ha ha