I am so excited!!!

My Fendi bag is finally coming. So for the last couple months I have been looking for a new bag to go back and forth to work. My old Coach bag is starting to show all the love it has received and therefore I thought it was about time that it was replaced. I have had this bag for about 5 years now and use it everyday to and from work, so it was definitely time. So a couple weeks ago on Hautelook I grabbed a Fendi medium shopper
Super plain and all but I got it for a steal and it will be a great work bag!

The bag being on its way slightly makes up for my mishap Friday afternoon/evening

Does anyone else do this to their shoes? I tend to do it more often while having a few beverages of choice and is totally my fault I am a walking disaster. That does not mean it doesn't bum me out and now my Tory Burchs are ruined :(

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bananas. said...

i have tried the summerfest beer and it's YUM! i drink a lot of beer, what can i say.


so i don't get it. what happened to your shoe??? is it torn...worn down? i tend to ruin my shoes quickly too. i'm a hard walker and that doesn't work so well with pretty shoes.