Here comes the heat

Not to say that tonight and today were not warm but tomorrow and Saturday it is supposed to be 100 degrees. I hate triple digits unless it is two sets of triple digits in a row and my paycheck!
A little tid bit of info about me, fog makes me giddy and I love love love being able to layer clothes. Heat makes me grumpy and tired. Now that being said and done...

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. We have happy hour at Pier 23 in San Francisco for work so I will be out of work early for a wonderful day in the city on the deck of Pier 23 having some delish drinks. Tomorrow is also the day that I am going to try to force the negativity out of my life. There has been a lot going on that seems to be dragging me down and tomorrow is the turn around day. I told myself the complaining ends tomorrow after I have some fun at cocktail hour, hence the reason I complained about the heat now.

I have a lot to be thankful for and need to appreciate life more. To name a few of my thanks
1. I still have my job even though it drives me crazy sometimes (if you want a sneak peak as life of an accountant check out this blog www.stuffaccountantslike.com it is crazy how identical it is to my job)
2. my health
3. my boyfriend
marcel and i ny
4. my parents who have supported me with everything
5. my sisters and brother who I now consider my closest friends
Seriously my favorite picture of us ever! Taken at my brother's best friends wedding, our faces and eyes say EVERYTHING.

There are many many more to add to the list but these are to name a few.

Well that's all for now. Off to bed, to bed I said.

Cheers to tomorrow!!!!

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