Shoes and fro-yo makes everything seem better

So for the last 7 months (I cannot believe I have survived that long) I have been essentially homeless. To save money to make my first house purchase in the beautiful bay area possible I gave up my lease and moved my stuff into boyfriends, sisters, and parents. I have no permanent place I reside and instead move back and forth during the week dependent on if it is the weekend, if the boyfriend is out of town, or what the plans are.

About 2 months ago I started looking for a house and found one! In my mind it looked like this

White picket fence

Although I am pretty sure the yard looked more like this:
(both pictures via google images)

I guess I like to think I have a green thumb, but the house itself was awesome, so I put in an offer and well still nothing. Short sale, booo. So after waiting patiently for a month I have decided to look at some other houses (NOT short sales). During this time I was thinking I have some time, find something that is right don't rush. Well today, to turn a long story into a sentence: my boyfriends landlady is being ridiculous with them trying to get a new roommate in and says they can now only be the two of them so they essentially have to move out in the next couple days. HUH, what!?!?! This is on top of the numerous things going on with work that I cannot even begin to explain, because well, you wouldn't believe me.

So to make my day better I went and found these beautiful shoes at saks

Elizabeth and James "Lucy"

I then went and got some delicious frozen yogurt at my favorite place (half irish mint and half vanilla YUM). Hopefully this will put a positive spin on the house hunting tonight, hey at least I know there is a bottle of bubbles with my name on it in the fridge for after.

Wish me luck with the realtor tonight!

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bananas. said...

uggggh. house hunting is so stressful. but the cure all is most def shoes and fro-yo! my kind of gal.

oh and yes DO TELL. i would love to know where i can get red rubber bottoms added to my loubs. i haven't walked outside of my house yet. i'm afraid of ruining my babies.