Yoga and champagne?

Do the two go together? Well I guess I will find out tonight because tonight the girls and I are headed here:

They are having a "Grand Opening" Event tonight and on their flier is pictures of wine and champagne glasses, yes please! Question though why is the "Grand Opening" always way after the opening, I think we went over a month ago to check out a class, I mean really?

Anywho I am not much one for yoga since I tend to get bored VERY easily, yes I breathe frequently but no I do not need to sit there for an hour and focus on my breathing thank you. It just happens on its own (thank god). But food and drinks with the girls, sign me up. Plus after we might be headed out for another drink (or four) to celebrate an engagement! I think this is the last one from our group, although I am pretty sure their wedding will happen before ours, because this girl is just too busy right now to deal with wedding planning/budgeting.

As I read Mayra's post today it got me thinking about girlfriends and forever friends and thus far I do not have any forever girlfriends, guy friends yes, girls nope. I have had a set of girls for each stage of my life that has come and gone but our lives have taken us separate ways and we have parted.

Over the last year I have been lucky enough to find a group of girls that I can call friends.  They may never be best friends but they are great people to hang out with, low key, and low and behold no drama.  Maybe the low drama is because we are all so different, it would be like comparing Louboutins to Converse or Nine West and Asics.  We are all so different but we each bring something great to the table.

Add these girls to my three best friends (two of which include my sisters), and I finally feel as if I have a right balance in my life. I may never be a girls girl but I am content with the different shoes in my closet.
"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


bananas. said...

comparing friends to shoes, that is my kind of girl :)
it's definitely refreshing to see

differences in friends, it's actually what i love. to see a group of girls who all look the same, dress the same, talk the same gets old real fast.

Elizabeth Marie said...

1. Yogaworks is amazing.
2. So is champagne.
3. Forever friends are hard to find but you will...and they'll all be different and fabulous.