Martha with a twist

So you all heard that I went camping this past weekend. Yes this lady who loves her Louboutins put on my hiking shoes and zipper pants (they can be either shorts or pants), not really my choice for everyday style but you have to wear something right? So we backpacked 5.5 miles in Saturday afternoon, seriously blame it on love. Check out my backpack, so hot right? Well M totally thought so. It was nice though because well he carried everything heavy. Including all the wine ;).  Hey I have to get through the night somehow.

That us, "getting through" the weekend with our red cups, I think I will always have an affection for those cups, they have such great meaning behind them!
So I made it through the 24 hours in the wilderness, we hiked back to the car and proceeded to the nearest brewrey (I heart beer). Once we returned home it was immediatly to the shower. I LURRVVVEEE showers. Like I would take an hour long shower everyday if I could. Hope everyone's week is winding up and you are ready for the weekend! I have a bunch of tasks on my list for the weekend, including finishing the napkins for my sister's bridal shower, finish up my chalkboard wall, testing out some baked goods, and getting more boxes taken care of. Happy weekending!

M and I on the hike out, look at me, I am a whitey.


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

love love love love these pics.

i want to go camping! wahhhh!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

aww, I love how you brought the wine camping. That is how I camp too and hike too! :)