Just call me Martha

So this whole wedding thing (mine, friends and sisters) and the new house have me channeling my inner Martha. Last night I started sanding down the wall in the kitchen  to remove the texture for the chalk board wall and today I have the reminents in my nose. Note to self go buy a mask before I finish sanding.

Sunday night was sewing night. I saw an idea about sewing napkins for weddings and what not so I decided to take on the project for my sister's bridal shower. So here I am sewing away. Notice the machine, it is my Mom's and that thing is older than me. I know right, how is something older than my old self? I got through about 20 napkins and the lines, not so straight, oh well, its the thought right?

I am actually excited about the bridal shower because it will be the first time that I have had a party at my house. We have been too busy for a house warming party and now M is gone for 3 weeks for work, then he gets back and I am in crunch time for work. We will get there and you better believe there will be beer and probably a little beirut.

Hope everyones short week is going well.


bananas. said...

owning a home usually does that! hope you show us before and after photos. i love to see all you've done with your home.

happy hump day lady!

Juliana said...

Oh! Crafty! How exciting. You have very cute blog!

Anyhooo-I am now following your lovely blog. Hope you will come by and if you likey, you will follow me back as well. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into a Blog.