Two left feet

Ok seriously something is wrong with me, the second M goes out of town for a long period I turn into Miss Spastic. Couple months ago he was in China for 3 weeks and I threw out my back and crashed my car into a pole. I also broke two wine glasses over the course of him being gone.

Well now M is off in Texarkana for 3 weeks this go around and since he left a week ago I cut open my elbow and had a cutting board come off the top shelf and smack me in the face. Seriously my face hurts. I kinda wonder what is next. It is bad, this is actually to a point that M worries about leaving me cause he is worried what will happen, we just will not tell him that I had the sewing machine out tonight. At least  my fingers are not sewn together ;)

Hope everyone's Monday went well. I am hoping to finish the painting of the blackboard wall tomorrow night (that is IF  I get out of work earlier than 9 pm tomorrow night). Night y'all!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

OH NO!! I HOPE nothing else happens! That is some serious accidents!
ha. Um, I can barely figure out how to turn on my sewing machine (OBVI a hand me down- I would NEVER buy one) ..but if I could figure out how to get it on, I would surely sew my fingers! :)
Be safe. Mabye, wear a helmet! :)

bananas. said...

you're a walking disaster without your M...kinda romantical in a way. haha.

well try to stay out of any more trouble. pretty sure M wants you in one piece when he gets back.

Alicia said...

geez lady you need to start wearing a hard hat and some elbow pads around the house!! or maybe we should just bubble wrap you :) be safe!!