The house!

We  I found it! I found my camera cord. Although apparently we took very few photos before we started changing things up. There are also the pictures pre the old owners moving out and those where we have started the projects.  This one is the old owners "baby room", well those who have been reading that is NOT what I wanted for my birthday this year. See the color? The chair rail? We vetoed those before we even moved in.
Here is the room as the process started. The chair rail gone and the painting getting ready to go.
Our least favorite paint job had to be the kitchen. Country kitsch anyone?

Yeah blue walls blue counters, ugh. now I do not have a before before. So this is AFTER we took the chair rail off in the kitchen, it was like they tried to match the chair rail to the cabinets but did it really poorly, I mean I could pull off the base boards and chair rail with my hand? Really? So country kitsch no more (well the blue counters are still there but one day they will be replaced) and I am actually looking for a zebra print rug that can fit into space that is not shown here.

We still have another month before our bedroom furniture comes in :( but at least things are cleaning up a little. Finally the baseboards were put in the kitchen last night! woop woop, now they just have to be painted, but things are coming together and looking a little better. My focus get it together so we can have a housewarming party wooohoooo, who is in? Home brew, some of my uncles award winning wines. Yep my Uncle is the Assistant wine Master at Schug and the Best of Class, thats his! woop woop!!! Alright well this is getting long and I need to start my birthday!!! Woooohooooo 8:36 a.m tomorrow and I am 29, yikes, I am getting old.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

wow, you have been so busy making the house your home! way to go.
We did not paint ONE room for about 5 months after we moved in :)
I could not decide on colors :)Plus, it was ALL painted white the week before we closed on the house...so it was ok for a while for me to be lazy! :)
Yey for housewarming parties!!!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

this is so exciting, darlin! yay! it will look fab when you are done.