I am alive!

Thank you internet gods, you have arrived and I can finally get back to my daily stalkings of all the fabulous ladies out there. Seriously, what did I do before the internet?  M gets a little jealous over my internet usage but I do not think he knows how many fantastic people I am finding on this little old blogisphere. But tonight I do not have to worry about him giving me a hard time because he left on a jet plane. Yesterday M got a call from his client and tonight he is probably somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on his way to China. So it is party time!!! Little weird that party time used to be out with the girls to the the early morning and now it is surfing the web. Wow how times change.

Anyways, so life is a little busy this week and our "temporary" home is here and sort of unpacked but we do not plan to fully unpack since hopefully this is only for a month or two. The house thing is lame and I just want to find our home.  Who knew it would take so long.

Well I should probably try to get myself some zzzz's but first here is a little picture from Clayton's Oktobeerfest a couple weeke ago.  If you are ever in the Bay area in late September I highly recommend it. I prefer it over the one in the city.

Ahhhhhh beer.  And yes the one in the crazy hat is mine

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

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bananas. said...

clayton has an oktoberfest? why don't i know these things?!? next year for sure, i'm there.

have fun surfing the web this weekend. sounds like a good weekend to me.