Another one of those weeks

Looks like February isn't going to be so kind to me.  Work is still busy as ever and yesterday I came across a little Valentines Day surprise:

Seriously, umm hello was someone going to tell me that our wedding venue was sold?!!! This was seriously how I found out.  I was speaking with the owner of the nearby ColdStone (yep ice cream sundae bar for our wedding - hopefully will still ring true) and needed to give them the address.  So I just mosey on over to the website to find that they sold everything. Immediately I called the contact to figure out what is going on, and they do not know many details until they speak with the new owners Monday. Here's to giving a little prayer that things will be able to stay the same (crossing fingers ever so tightly).

By the way M is amazing, I found out the info and immediately handed it over to him to deal with. He can handle it much better (i.e. calmly) and will probably even get some money back if all works out. I knew I was marrying him for a reason.

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Holly said...

omg i hope everything works out i think i would have fallen outta my chair if i saw that.