Its my birth month!!!!!!!!!!

And I will take one of these please.
More specifically it is the week of my birthday! I have 2 days left of being in my twenties, so thirties Bring it On! But seriously I have definitely heard from people to enjoy the thirties because it was a favorite time of their life. So for the next decade of my life I would really like to accomplish some more things, including:
1. Travel more (starting with the honeymoon baby!)
2. Pass the CPA
3. Eat healthier (no really I need to cut back on the crap I eat)
4. Find a hobby that I truly love and am excited to do.

These are just a couple of items that I would love to make sure I accomplish (hey I have 10 years right). I am willingly saying goodbye to my twenties, I have had a TON of fun but that fun also dealt with uncertainty and uncomfortableness of life in general.
Friday M has put together a dinner party at our house with family and friends, which I am super excited about.  What I am not excited about it he decided to tear open our living room wall Sunday night. I know I know, I wanted all the TV wires not hanging from the TV, but why is this project being started when we are having people over?! Why do men decide to start a project just before you have people over?!?!

Well hopefully at least the wall will be put back together by Friday, because I am pretty sure it will not be painted at that point :( Aggghhh men!


bananas. said...

i'd KILL for that birthday cake and i don't even LIKE cake! HA!!!

happy birthmonth to you...and me!!!

Morgan said...

We're birthday buddies!!! Happy Birthday week! So far the 30's have been great... for all 12 hours I've been 30! Ha! Thanks for the bday wishes!!