All the single ladies

Yep, M is off to Mrs. B's hometown for his bachelor party this weekend. He called me when he touched down down in nola and he was a few drinks in already, with I am sure more than a few to go for tonight.  So what does that mean? Means girls weekend for me a Chloe (not including the cat, damn cat).

So not sure if anyone has caught the weather news when it comes to the Bay Area but it has been a little nuts.  Tonight I can home to this:
Seriously thank goodness I saw this mess before Chloe the little rascal saw it herself, because I know the second she did it would of been disastrous. By the way it does not look like the backyard is going to have any chance of drying up either. They said 2 more storms coming through. Ughhh I really hope the forecast for sunnier weather next week holds true!

If anything here is to a girly weekend sitting in front of the fire (well if I can call someone to start one for me) and watching the Lifetime Network. Stay dry!

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