So not winning.

So since I started the new job my responsibilities have almost tripled (yes I started in December) how the hell can responsibilities triple in a matter of 3 months! Life sucks in regards to work right now. And that leave less time for blogging, I know right!??!

But I have a number of things keeping me busy outside of work as well.
A little bit of this:
Seriously, NEVER again. Wow just noticed the wall looks a little blue, totally grey.

Way to much of this:
Via google image

Which did lead to some wish list items (well really just one). 

Oh and of course cannot forget my new favorite beauties!
I love getting a new pair of shoes at 60% off!

Of course a lot of hanging out with this beautiful girl.
Yeah, she is filthy, but she has that glimmer in her eye like woooohooo! 

Been hanging out with her doing things like this:
Seriously, no better place to live! Bay Area!!!

So hopefully I will force myself to get back to blogging because honestly, I miss it. Miss catching up with everyone. So until next time, happy trails.

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