He awaits

What seems like years ago, I discussed my pure obsession with Bradley Cooper. Of course it has gone no where, and since he has split from Renee, now is my chance. M and I have an agreement, this is my guy. If I have a chance with him I am jumping on it.  I mean come on!
Both images from google image.

Oh in other news, totally checked another item off my wish list from Christmas time. Next week two of these babies will be arriving at our house.
I LOVE the fact that M wants to get the house actually "up and going" since his family will be here for the wedding. Gives him a little room for justification of purchases, and bumps up the projects to actually get some done. The living room in FINALLY put back together after a month and a half. The next step would be to pick out the crown moulding and the new baseboards and put those in. Somehow I doubt that will be getting done anytime soon though.  Hey a girl can dream though can't she. . . Maybe I can at least hope for a painted bedroom?

I think the next item on my list is my deer head. . .


Holly said...

he is def in my top 3. drool!

Kristin said...

I'm still waiting for my guest room to be painted almost three years later...HAHA