Swamped in

Not sure if work is ever going to let up. M is even noticing the difference in my attitude when I get home. It is taking me longer to relax and I am pretty sure that any chipper attitude I might of had during the week has not been seen. All in my head these days is SOP 97-2, FAS123R or SOP 98-1. Seriously what? At least I have this goofball to come home to and never fails to make me laugh.
On a brighter note we had 80 degree weather today. 80! How do we go from my backyard flooded a week ago to 80?!? So as it hits 7:30 pm I am chilling on the patio with a beer in hand. This is the life. Hopefully everyone else has as great of weather!

Here's to the week being over halfway done!

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