To and fro

Last night was kinda the start to my weekend, not really because I still have to work all week but last night we had our work Christmas party.  Nothing crazy but the bankers and traders and PE guys all loved on me! Well not on me but in me, no wait that didn't sound right either. Whatever they bought me drinks once the Company decided that we had enough, bwahahahahahaha, yeah right!

So last night was fun, this morning not so much. Tonight I am meeting the girls out for some Mojitos and fantastic crab cakes! Tomorrow is our department party at our CFO's house, and Saturday we wrap up with my friends annual holiday party in the city. This week I am a very busy lady.

On another note I came across this post on Hostess with the Mostest today and thought it is a great thing to pass along. This family whose 5-year old little girl is fighting for her life against brain cancer are trying to bring happiness to all the children who are fighting for their lives. If you have a moment check out the website: PrayforKate.com.  They are collecting toys (must be new due to their immune systems) or gift cards to stores to buy toys.

If this one doesn't hit you here are some other sites that I feel strongly about supporting:
Coats for Kids
Princess Project
Make A Wish

Yes they do all relate to children, they are the innocent, the ones who will love endlessly and smile constantly and give us all a breath of fresh air when the world seems to be against us. They cannot help their situation but you can.

Hmm I just reread that and sounds a bit infomercialish. Oh well I truly mean it.

Happy Holidays.
"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


~KS said...

I am going to go check all of these great sites out... no time like this time of year to give a little away.

And mojitos... my favorite!!

kirstyb said...

sounds like fun x

Summer (BisforBrown) said...


i am now proud to call you my friend.

your card and donation to make a wish in honor of the B's. OMG. you touched my heart. i opened my mail on the subway and i was in tears bc i was so touched.

would you mind sending me your address?

thank you. thank you. thank you.