A whole lot of nothing

That was my weekend. So I told you guys last week that I was high on the anxiety/depressive side and decided I was going to take a weekend to myself. I went out to my parents and did not much. My mom and I headed to Barnes and Noble for some books for the little cousins, so much fun, brings back so many memories of books when we were little and my new favorite is Fancy Nancy (pic via). As we were poking around the kids section there was a father and his two year old girl there. She was pulling the toys (stuffed characters, etc.) and then putting them back very nicely. At one point she had to walk past me and in her polite little voice said "Excuse me", she was so great! Her Dad said they come there every Saturday morning for a little while. So cute, he was the big tough guy, tatto'd up, shaved head, and on and on. Someone it seemed I would not want to mess with but his little girl was the world.

Other than my Barnes and Noble trip I pretty much was a huge lazy butt. I slept until noon on Sunday and then was back in bed by ten (which is early for me). Such a refreshing weekend and was the pick me up I needed. Hope everyon's weekend was fantastic and holiday shopping was finished or near completed. Ahhh cannot wait until Thursday for food and family.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


~KS said...

Fancy Nancy is great!! My mom's name is Nancy, and when her mom (my grandma) passed away a few years ago, she bought tons of Fancy Nancy books and donated them to the school she worked at in my grandma's memory.
And I could hang out at Barnes and Noble for hours on end and be perfectly content...

Kristin said...

Those are the CUTEST gifts. I hope I have a little girl next as I don't think the dude would be interested. Ah ha ha