Chalk it up

It is finally done! My black board wall is completed and working well.

Before I go there though, all I can say is thank goodness last week is over! I still have our 10-K that still is to be done but our LLC report went out on Friday and  the sisters bridal shower was Saturday! So two things causing me stress are finally out the door. The bridal shower went well, I had 30 women in my house, we were a little restricted to the house since the weather well... did not work with us on Saturday. Sunday was perfect! I sat on the couch and that is where I resided all day. Ok so you guys want to know about the wall?

Here is the wall before. Oh yes the whole kitchen is that awful I think I used to be an ivory wall but now I kinda look yellow. Another project to get through.  So the wall is texturized and you need a flat wall to paint the chalk board paint on so I had to sand it down. Totally reccommend an electric sander if you have one considering my shoulders still do not feel so hot. So sanding away and then once done make sure you wash down the wall to get all dust off.

  Here is the paint that I used (all images me, except this one from google images). The wall needed two coats to stay warm in my kitchen since the oven doesn't get turned on to much.
Check it out, this was my bubble. I seriously spent more time putting "the bubble" up than it would of been for me to clean up but cleaning, not my bag of chips. So it took me an hour to put this up and tape and I still had to clean up after. Okay enough is enough (well maybe I just want to go to sleep, actually I want to watch K. Kardashian poo out her baby). So here it is!
I found the silver magnet strip at the container store and thought it might be a fun addition. The 1 year 3  months, that was for M since he has been out of town for 3 weeks and I thought he might need a reminder that I am here waiting for him. Oh yeah the clean up (i.e. making the lines straight come once he gets home to take the cabinet doors down).

Toodles loves!


bananas. said...

looks great!!! what a perfect spot. i like your "bubble". that's what my painters had up when they painted the cabinets.

M will love it :)

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Very Cool!!!