I am finding it really weird after all the websites that I have been stalking that I have not found a single pair of shoes that I want to buy. I have found ones that I would love, but only with an endless budget love.

Now these I would not kick out of bed! They would of already been purchased had they not been in denim. Pic Source: Net-a-Porter.com.
And seriously just found these on Foot Candys website. Tory you are killing me with the love for your effortlessly chic summer sandals.  (Pic Source: footcandyshoes.com). Alright now it is bedtime, or maybe not. Hmmm We will see how far shoes take me tonight. Oh sweet dreams.

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Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love tory's summer sandals. i get them on sale from saks. DO IT!