Christmas Wishes

So this year my Christmas list is a bit different from last years. We did get out house finally in New Year (January 2010!) I do find though that now I want things for the house, and my new creative bug that has hit do to house projects.

One of these would come in handy as I try to build furniture (and yes I added a bench to my short list of built items):

And one of these would allow me to give my Mom her machine back:
(via: google image)

And I would LOVEEEE two of these for our lounge area off the kitchen:

And of course could not forget the "necessities" and since it has been raining here for what seems like FOREVER and is going to continue to rain I really want a new pair of these:
And yes in auburgine please.

These too please! Ohhh I die!

And please excuse me California why can I not have python shipped here???? For the love of fashion!@#$!

Hope everyone has a great holiday, especially the Brown's whose year seems like it is looking to end on a good note. Congrats!


Nicole Marie said...

need hunter boots!

Kristin said...

Ummmmmmmm, now I have a new fave Hunter color. Those are gorg! Happy holidays lady!