Live like there is no tomorrow

The coming of the new year is always a time to reflect on the past and this year has brought me/us some good fortune and some tough times. I just passed the 2 year anniversary of my grandfathers death and I am now watching a close friend deal with her fathers cancer. With times like that I decided that my New Years resolution for 2011 is to live like there is no tomorrow. I need to learn to take life by the horns and take advantage of what I have.

Notable times from 2010 include:

Buying our first home.
Brought our girl Chloe home (and dealt with her parvo) and got a cat.
Watched my little sister get married.
Lost my job due to the acquisition.
Did more wedding planning, found my shoes and most recently the dress.
Most recently M and I got our first new car (well not brand new but for us who are both driving cars from the mid 90's its a big deal).

Here's to 2011, a year that is shaping up to be one of the biggest of my life, the year I become a Mrs. Cheers to a happy and safe night!


Holly said...

i love that finding your wedding shoes is on your list!!!

where did you get your dress?

ive been to gesinee's, clarissa's and bridal galleria.

Kristin said...

Here's to many bright things and little bummer things happening in 2011!