Moving on...

Its over?@!#??? The thing about Christmas is that the holiday season is near the end and it makes me a little sad. The holiday season to me is a time to hang out with my family. This year also marks the last of the holidays with just my family. I love M and I am also a little selfish and it is going to be really hard to give up "my" traditions of being with my family during the holidays. Once we get married I have to give up "my" traditions and start ours, and this year was the start of it. Long story short, we started acclimating Christmas into our house and less into my parents. Moving on...

So while I was "gone" one of the things we did was go camping. I know how do you take Louboutins camping????? Well I left them at home and actually took my Keens, wait what? Who ever thought.  So for camping we headed up to the coast and got the best weather for the weekend. Bodega Bay yeah typically foggy, we actually got sun! My favorite part of the weekend? Watching these two run around like crazy dogs.
The entire weekend was a blast, it included a lot of beer, beermosas, food, cows, and cuddling with Chloe. And really just because I can:
And one that is not dog related.
Oh wait there are dogs, but also my sisters and "brothers" i.e. brothers-in-law and M.

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Kristin said...

I'm already ready for Christmas next year. HA! Glad to hear you had such a super fun time!