So I did not get everything on my list but I did get some great things. The first and foremost..
(via amazon)
My sewing machine. Yep that is my new machine! It is not a crazy electronic with a bunch of gadget and gizmos but this is going to be a perfect new toy. Also under the tree was some target gift cards that will help towards the chairs. Couple of these were received will help towards all of our house projects (hint hint M if you are listening please finally get the wire mess out of sight!)
(via lowes.com)
M tried to surprise me by having my earrings reset. The long story short, my 16th birthday from my Dad was my diamond earrings, well the setting was loose and I thought I lost one at one point (we later found it in the wash). But I was pretty devastated and I have not worn them since, about 6 years ago. So M had them reset so I could wear them again.

No rain boots, I might just have to pull the trigger, I mean pay day is in a day ;) And talk about using them, it has been raining like crazy!

Hope everyone got at least some things they desired. I am so appreciative for those things that I did receive!

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