Seriously we are under a month now until we get married. Work has finally slowed down but the wedding stuff has picked up. Monday night M and I bottled 100 bottles of beer (on the wall). I finally have the programs ready to print and  an assembled. Bridal shower down next weekend Vegas! Seriously it is all approaching so quickly, then it is off to Dominican Republic. CAN NOT wait.

Me and my sisters at the bridal shower, yes my face is red, I blame them I had to take jello shots. I mean seriously how was I supposed to remember Malone was the first place he made his first skydive. I mean really!?!? It was perfect, they baseball themed it and we ate sliders and garlic fries, beer, champagne, seriously a ton of my favorites, oh and ice cream cake! By the way I wish I were taller! They were in flats and I was in my typical 3". Here is to the next 30 days moving by and being on our honeymoon!

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Summer Athena said...

YOU ARE SOOOOO PRETTY! This is soooo excited. Can you tell how happy I am for you?