Head scratcher

Is anyone else more confused by the weather lately. Seriously I thought the phrase was April showers bring May flowers, not May showers.
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Pretty sure this weather lies too because it was apparently not sunny at all this past Saturday. Myself, I wouldn't know, I spent the weekend in Vegas! Bachlorette style, minus the pink boas and sashes (I did submit to some simple beads) of course Mmmmm perfect 85 desert, so nice.

Met this guy this past weekend too. I then proceeded to tell him that he plays with Jay and I know that because my fiance was a huge Denver fan. My sister patted his ass as she drooled all over him. He was pretty cute but the designer jeans with the huge pockets on a guy is a huge turn-off for me.
I know I-Phone pictures are the best (please hurry up with the new one so I can FINALLY  upgrade from my 3G).

Speaking of Vegas the Hangover II comes out next weekend. Woop woop, you know where I will be.
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Oh Bradley Cooper you so fine you so fine you blow my mind!
"When a mokey nibbles on a weenus its funny in any language"

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