Strongest people I know

Last night we got a call from M's dad telling him that his grandfather was on life support and if things did not turn around within 24 hours he would be taken off (his wishes). Today things have turned around. His grandfathers latest stint in the hospital is courtesy of pneumonia and aspirated while eating. Today things are positive.

Last year M and I made an emergency trip back to Pennsylvania to visit his grandmother because things were not well, down to her pulling her feeding tube out because she viewed this as keeping her alive artificially.  Se has since seen the hospital numerous times but continues to make it home each time. The latest was last week which as M put it "they were making funeral arrangements" and once again she is resting at home.

These two people have more strength and desire to continue each day then I have ever seen. It amazes me and gives me a kick in the butt to shape up my life and know there MUST be something to look forward to daily.

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