My list

So most people have their "list" you know the if you had a chance to sleep with these famous people outside of your relationship it is totally acceptable list? Well my list goes like this (all images from google image):




Yep seriously I only have the one. Bradley Cooper. I look at him and I get tingly. I first saw him when he was the "bad guy" in "He's Just Not that In to You" and could not stop staring, seriously droolworthy. And when he showed up in my favorite movie ever (as noted here) I was in love. Seriously if I ever met him, I would probably act like a nervous teenager and become all weird. You better believe I will be watching the A-Team, shirtless buffed up Bradley, beware, I might need resuscitation.


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

he is amazing. AHMAZING. yum yum.

i miss you!

Marcie said...

Um yes, he is such a doll. I just love him too and he is on my list!

:) Marcie

Marcie said...


Also, a great flea market in the bay area is the Alameda flea market. Here is a great link http://articles.sfgate.com/2000-11-15/home-and-garden/17666624_1_vendors-flea-markets-bay-area-campus-parking. Hope that helps!


Holly said...

uh, serious hotness for sure. wanted to hate him and scarjo hooking up, but how could they not!?

Valerie said...

Oooh, yes. Bradley Cooper is really attractive. I see him all the time at the gym and he's almost pretty in person (and really tall). I'm totally on board with your list. ;)