Feeling green

So he finally made it home! Friday night late night M finally made it back, I was long asleep but you better believe Chloe met him at the door. Pretty sure that was enough for him, besides my butt does not waggle and my whole body does not shake.

So Saturday what did M want to do? We headed to Home Depot. This was of course because I had given him a slight nudge to fix the leaking sprinkler so I could stop having to water the front lawn. So M has been obsessed with his garden and this weekend we went one step further in making sure we are prepping the soil as best as we can. We started our first compost bin.

So I am a big follower of the DIY extraordinaire, the  Petersiks over at Young House Love and of course they have done the compost bin so I got to simply got to copy what the did. So we took our simple $5 Rubbermaid bin.
And started composting. Some grass, coffee grounds, and old apples. We are on our way to better nutrient rich soil (as compared to the weed filled sand the previous owners tended to the 5 years before we moved in.
Maybe next up we will try the rain barrel?

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Holly said...

nice! our compost bin got a rat in it, so we basically are feeding the rat whenever we load our stuff in there. oh well, at least it isnt going to the landfill :p

we are totally getting a rain barrel!