Save me San Francisco

And then he said let there be light, or in my case fog.
(from wiki)
Seriously this heat is killing me! The fact that I can open the windows tonight I am absolutely loving. Call me a wimp but I grew up in the middle of the bay, literally on an island in the bay. So when temperatures are in the high 90's and 100's I turn into a big whiny baby and stay in doors. I hope the cooler whether sticks around for the weekend because my yard is screaming, "help me". Our wine barrel guest book is calling to be sealed, and Chloe is dying for an open space walk. So here is to crossing our fingers that it will at least cool down to below 90, oh that would be lovely.


Nicole Marie said...

haha i complain about the cold sf weather but in LA i wanted to die of heat stroke and was wishing to be back in cold foggy sf

Kristin said...

I hope you had nicer weather than we did this weekend!