Welcome to California

Now please proceed to finding a place to buy a fleece.
If you are ever in the city during the summer you can spot a tourist from a mile away, why, because they are wearing one of these bad boys.
Which can be found here any near any of the wharfs, but look now they are online. Seriously these are the biggest seller in the city. Now why does this come up? Because I have been wearing this guy all week:
Honestly I think Northern California keeps North Face in business. Don't get me wrong I am by no means complaining, my favorite outfit is jeans, a sweater and my chucks, but for the east bay it is weird. Next week we are supposed to be back up into the 80's though so for the time being I am going to soak up my mid 70 days and below 60 nights. 

Certainly going to enjoy some of this "outside weather" this weekend. Here is to a very stressful week being almost over and to our project hopefully getting way more progress this weekend. What project, oh this one.
The retaining wall that started falling down hard core after one of our last big storms, remember here. So we have been working hard this week and has gotten to this point, who am I kidding M has done all the work. The wall is out, and the digging has begun. Now the post holes have to be dug and cement and poles in then the wood actually has to be placed back and then the dirt will then have to be refilled in. Oh and draining is being added, we he DOES NOT want to do this again.

In good news about this is hopefully i can get those planks sanded down well enough to make our very own reclaimed wood table! Woop woop that would be awesome. So here is to a busy weekend.


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